TBBT: Sheldonian Calenar and Agreements

As The Big Bang Theory is approaching its final season, I thought it would be interesting to list what we know about Sheldon’s routine, aka, as Wolowitz termed it, “the Sheldonian Calendar”. Also, let’s list what we know about the rooommate agreement, the friendship agreement, and the relationship agreement. Please include the episode that the information first appeared and which character provided the info. For example: Monday, Oatmeal Day, S03E03, Sheldon.

In S01E07 The Dumpling Paradox we learn that Wednesday night is Halo Night. We also learn that on Saturday mornings Sheldon watches Doctor Who on BBC America while eating cereal and sitting on the couch.

Problem: These two days are consecutive. I.e., Wednesday is immediately followed by Saturday.

This is going to be one weird calendar.

(This is also an early episode where Raj openly talks in front of Penny.)


The Gang eats Pizza on Thursdays (Sheldon). Except the third Thursday of each month is “Anything can Happen, Thursdays” (Leonard)

Wednesday is Comic Book Night (Sheldon)

Friday is Vintage Video Game Night.