TCM - Toshiro Mifune Star of the Day

All day, Japanese Samurai movies on TCM, a tribute to Toshiro Mifune. This morning I caught part of Rashomon! I’m not at all in the demographic, but I find this stuff mesmerizing, so if you do, too - TCM all day and into the night.

I noticed it, and set the DVR to record The Seven Samurais so that I can watch it for the 907th time. Good stuff.

Damn! I don’t get TCM.

Are they only running Akira Kurasawa movies, or do they have works from other directors? He played Admiral Yamamoto in Tora!Tora!Tora!, Toranaga in *Shogun, and the samurai Jubei in the weird western Red Sun.

Thanks for the head’s up. I’ll be tuning in.

Damned Olympics!

What’s that movie that’s on right now, that is set in a hospital for poor people? I came in as the credits were rolling, and missed the title.

There’s a “demographic” for Rashōmon?