TCU vs. Boise St in BCS Title Game

What, in addition to an act of God, would need to happen for the two non-AQ’ers play for the title?

  1. Both be undefeated.
  2. Every major BCS conference champion has at least one loss. This guarantees at least one will get in after the good-will built up for non-AQers over the last few years.
  3. For the 2nd team, the winner of the SEC has to have 2 losses. Maybe even the PAC-10 and Big 12 champions as well. A one-loss Auburn, Alabama, or LSU would definitely jump a 2nd non-AQ team. I could see a one loss Oregon leap-frogging TCU.

This pretty much hits the nail on the head, though I also think a one-loss Big Ten team that runs the table (except maybe MSU) could have a shot.

That being said, if you’re anti-BCS then a TCU-BSU title game might be the best thing to happen. It would probably force major changes to happen.

This is exactly my opinion! A TCU/Boise St championship would get us some sort of playoff (even if it’s just a +1 format). Based on how they’ve been fighting change, it might be the only thing that gets us a playoff.

Go Frogs & Broncs!

I believe that: both would need to be unbeaten (obviously), and everyone else needs 2 loses.

I have watched Boise play a few times. they are a very good, very well coached team. They tackle well too. They do not beat themselves.
But they don’t play anybody. That is a sad fact. I do not know if they have depth either. But they beat the teams they play easily.

Wolverine pretty much has it. And I guarantee you that if TCU played Boise State in the NC game they’d change the rules to make sure it never happens again.

Phase I Complete. Oklahoma loses

Next week: USC needs to beat Oregon

Watch out for Auburn. Computers are going to move them up since they beat undefeated LSU.

Important for Boise State is for Va Tech to keep winning.

The cards are falling in place to make the game possible. The undefeateds are dropping like flies. Number 1 lost 3 weeks in a row.

As lame as a TCU - Boise State title game would be, if it lead to a 16 team major college football playoff I’m all for it!

Oregon State winning games would be nice too. The Beavs lost to both teams.

Boise’s problem nowadays is not that they don’t play anybody, but that no one will play them. No major BCS team will schedule them because they are no longer a safe win, but the BCS won’t let them in the club because they don’t play major BCS teams.

You know, I can’t understand why the NCAA doesn’t grab the huge, obvious, lucrative shiny penny that’s right in front of them … what’s wrong with a Plus 1?

They wouldn’t even have to change anything about the bowl system or scheduling or anything else – it’s all right there for the taking! Most years (most, not all) it would be relatively easy to figure out the four teams that have the best chance for a national championship. Seed them, and have them play in two of the major bowls on New Years. A week later … the winners meet in the National Championship Game.

Heck, the BCS Championship is ALREADY the week after New Years. It’s right in front of you, NCAA! What are you, blind?

There is always going to be a team that feels left out, whether is Team #3, #5, #9 or #17

Heard someone on the radio yesterday say that the Plus 1 will happen after the current TV contract is up. Then after that contract is up, they’ll go to the 8 team playoff format. Can’t remember who said this, some college football insider.

Also, let’s not forget that TCU has to beat Utah, who is also undefeated. As for TCU/Utah vs. BSU this year…forget about it. Every BCS team would need 2 losses. A 1 loss Ohio State, Oregon, Oklahoma, Auburn, LSU or Alabama would absolutely go before an undefeated TCU.

If Utah beats TCU, then the game could be Boise/Utah. That does not solve the problem.

It’s not just Boise State either. That’s the dirty little secret about the top BCS schools. They secure a high ranking at the beginning of the year, and then do everything within their power to avoid losing it. This means alarmingly few non-conference road games against even mediocre teams. And by “alarmingly few”, I mostly mean “none”.

It is true that Boise challenged any BCS team to play them a game. But a team like Ohio State plays MSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, Northwestern, and Penn State. They don’t have a schedule they can walk though. They can not point to a game with Boise.
The BCS has encouraged teams to play cupcakes. Wins are over weighted in the formula. That is why Boise climbs the ladder every year. But eventually their easy schedule brings them down. It is a conundrum. I would like a major team to break out and start scheduling better.
Next year Nebraska joins the Big Ten. Another strong program to deal with.

The problem with a TCU-BSU BCSNCG is that it would be roundly ignored as not being the “real” championship game. That, of course, will be the winner of the SEC Championship. :rolleyes:

Seriously, this happened in one of the BCS Bowls last year, and everyone was disappointed that we didn’t get to see what happens when a non-AQ team plays one of the Big Boys.

The only way for the non-AQs to get respect is for them to beat an AQ team.

In a world where Missouri can beat Oklahoma and Iowa State can beat Texas on the same day anything is possible. By the same token, though, we may have already had our quota of lighting-strikes moments this season.

The Big 12 may have some openings in 2012. As I recall from a few months ago, though, Boise State was more interested in having Big 12 teams join the Mountain West than leaving the MW to join the Big 12.