Tea and toast - scientists discover the perfect formula

How many of us wake up with to a nice cup of tea and slice of toast? Now thanks to hard working science types, we can finally do it right.

The equation for perfect toast and the Royal Society of Chemistry brings you a pdf file on the perfect cup of tea.

If you prefer pancakes, then you’ll be happy to know that tossing research is underway.

Anyone know of any similar breakfast based research?

Feh, after many years of my own research I know I make the perfect toast and so I know for an absolute fact that they’re doing it wrong. What’s this silliness about butter straight from the fridge? And don’t even get me started about people who use toasters instead of toaster ovens.
The stuff about the tea looks pretty good though.

Off to brew me up some tea…

Finally, a helpful guide which will allow other slices to reach my level of toasty perfection.

But…butter straight from the fridge?

Only the Brits would research something like this :slight_smile:

Thank God I’m an American, where we research IMPORTANT stuff like the sex lives of dung beetles!!!

PS: Butter from the fridge doesn’t spread on toast anywhere on the planet. All you end up doing is taking big chunks of bread off with the wad of butter that ends up rolling around the bread and you get crumbs everywhere and part of the toast ends up heavily buttered and the other part is just plain toast! What are they thinking?!

They should take their butter out of the fridge and put their beer in! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or experimenting with twinkies :cool:

While in England, I caught a BBC documentary on British warship design. A guy was going on and on about the various design features that resulted in his cup of tea not spilling during a storm or attack. It’s all about priorities.

LOL… Kakofonous, that’s classic!

Honey, honey where did you leave my calipers? They’re not in the drawer with the spatulas!