In a discussion of politics, a co-worker said he doesn’t want to be teabagged, which got me to wondering. If you are teabagged, does that mean your scrotum is in somebodies mouth, or does it mean that somebodies scrotum is in your mouth? Or is there no distinction between the mouther and the mouthee? It’s a fine distinction, but I would think it’s an important one.

Ass I understand it, to be teabagged means to have somebody’s nutsack dunked in your mouth. Based on internet evidence, it typically occurs when the teabagger finds the teabagee passed out drunk and the opportunity to take hilarious pictures presents itself.

Getting teabagged means it is someone else’s nuts in your mouth.

For some reason it is not seen as embarassing to be seen with your nuts in another guy’s mouth. You are teabagging the other guy in that scenario.

To teabag: to drapes one’s testicles across the face of another.

To be teabagged: To be the unfortunate person getting draped in the face with someone’s testicles

Well done.