Teacher Wraparound edition

Trying to find used textbooks as cheaply as possible I have come across several instances where a particular textbook, with identical ISBN numbers as the regular text, is referred to as the “teacer wraparound edition.” I have not come across this phrase before. What is a wraparound edition, and how does it differ from the standard student edition?

I don’t know if this is certainly the answer, but it’s a good guess. In college, I worked in the administrative office of the university’s music department. Part of my job was to sort the mail. Often, professors would receive complimentary copies of textbooks, in the hopes that they would select the books for use in their courses. The free book would be the same as the student book, but it would be marked by the publisher as being a teacher edition. This was to prevent the professor from selling the free book.

College textbooks, in my experience, differ from public school (elementary and secondary school) textbooks in that the “teacher edition” was this complimentary copy given to the professor. In public school, the “teacher edition” includes special materials for the teacher, like exercises, test questions, assignments, etc. The college books don’t have this extra stuff.

So, your teacher wraparound editions" might just be books the store got from a professor and are trying to sell to you, the hapless student.

Wraparound editions contain the entire text of the student edition in reduced format, with extra content for the teacher (lesson plans, suggested activities, discussion questions, etc.) “wrapped around” the student text.

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