Teachers - any tips for writing an effective teaching philosophy?

So I’m applying for a teaching position at a local university’s Dept. of Biology. They require a teaching philosophy statement. Trouble is, all the ones I’ve seen as examples online are fluffy, almost woo-filled garbage. They have to do with connecting to the students’ inner children and the great circle of education, blah blah blah. I just can’t believe a bunch of research scientists would give a shit about all that junk. Or would they?

Would any teachers be willing to share experiences or tips in this area?

Well, what is your teaching philosophy? What’s your approach to teaching? What do you think makes an effective teacher?

I think the hiring committee wants to know what you are/would be like as a teacher. They want to see if you have a positive yet realistic attitude toward your students, your subject matter, and the profession of teaching them/it.

My teaching philosophy (for physics professor positions) talks about what influenced me in the physics education literature, and how I apply the research in my classes. When I was interviewed for a position last year someone on the hiring committee told me that one thing that impressed them about my application was that I seemed to be serious about physics education and not just giving lip service to it.