Teachers (or students) making things interesting in class

When I was a sophomore in high school, the teacher–who was more actor than teacher–embellished our study of the play Julius Caesar with recordings of the performance. This included the scene where Brutus and Cassius and Casca and the others got together and stabbed Julius Caesar to death.

The teacher, who called the play “Julie Babe” after we’d been studying it for about a week, played the stabbing scene for us at least once per day for a while, to amuse us.

My second-semester chemistry teacher, in the junior year, mixed up some chemicals in the sink at his table, and made what passed for a solid rubber ball. It looked more like a chewed-up art-gum eraser.

In college a learning-skills professor was discussing a point and mentioned a film on the subject. He said, “If it’s decent I’ll be able to show it to you in about two weeks.”

I asked, “When can we see it if it’s indecent?” :smiley:

Post something about a school subject in which the teacher found an unusual way to make the topic interesting, or you or someone else had a humorous comment about it…