Teaching a pet to smoke...illegal?

Aside from test animals in tobacco research or animal actors in some humorous scene, is it illegal to teach an animal to smoke?

I’m sure it wasn’t legal but my brother (when he was about 16) used to take great delight in getting his german shepard stoned.

He never was very sensible.

In some locations, I suppose that it might be considered a violation of the local “humane treatment of animals” laws.

But most Humane Officers are far too overworked dealing with much more serious mistreatment/neglect cases to worry about this.

I remember reports about the Tarzan chimp Cheetah enjoying a daily cigar.

Somewhere on the net there is a report of some British guy’s pet fox which he taught to smoke a pipe and drink whiskey.

The British guy is Kim Philby, infamous and heavily mythologized British spy who was a double agent for the Soviets. Tim powers makes use of the bit in his novel “Declare”, in which Philby appears as an important character. Take practically any statement made about Philby with a very large grain of salt. Perfect raw material for use by Powers, though.

I’ve often been very tempted feed whiskey to my dog, but have never done it. If the dog will drink muddy puddle water and roll in dead things it will drink whiskey.

My brother has got a cat drunk before.

We used to blow pot smoke into my cat’s ears. One stoned kitty.

Do you smoke after sex?

…I dunno…I never looked…

sorry, I’ll go now…

Imagine this…

A Buldog chomping on a cigar…

…an Afgan Hound with a long, luxurious cigarette holder…

…a cat with its stubby little muzzle stuffed in a bong, taking hits of catnip.

Its so wrong, but so neat.

Well, why else would you get a pet monkey?