Teaching English in Japan- JET

The Japan Exchange and Teaching program, which looks to like a program sponsored at least in part by the Japanese government. Does anyone know anything good or bad about it, have any experience with it? It looks really interesting but probably very difficult to get into.

A coworker of mine participated in the JET Program, and he loved it. From what I understand, it is difficult to get into, but worth it.

From my experience, if you’re not accepted it’s because you aren’t meant to go. Or, rather, it’s because it would probably be best for you not to go teach in Japan. All things considered it’s surely the easiest and by far least troublesome way to work in Japan. Just don’t expect to end up in Tokyo.

I don’t have time to write much more, but if you have questions I can share some of my experience (from way back when) when I get back from Kyoto on Sunday. Meanwhile, you should take a look at:

The official site
The participant’s association’s website
This unofficial site has message boards, and used to be a popular place to vent and share experiences when I was teaching.