Team America: World Police is being shown uncensored on TV right now...

…well on Canadian TV. I mention uncensored because, for a bunch of marionettes, this is quite a controversial movie.

But my point of all of this is that it’s funny as hell! I haven’t laughed out loud as many times since “Airplane.”

Funny, funny, funny stuff.

It’s a great movie to watch when you’re ronery…so ronery…

Wow. My first thought on reading that was, “No fucking way!” :smiley:

ETA: I think it’s a horrible movie, and I laughed my ass off in spite of myself.

I like the part with the puppets.

Did they show “scat” part of the sex scene?

It is a horrible movie. And I laughed a lot too. It’s funny on a number of levels: I like that.

Hmmm? I don’t know which sex scene; I was making chili and drinking beer too.

Every sex scenes were shown though, as far as I can tell. Some of the puppet “Sex” scenes had me laughing out loud. Puppets in a 69!

Comedy Central has shown it uncensored, too.

America…FUCK YEAH!!!

There’s uncensored, being the version shown in theaters and then there’s UNCENSORED, being the version released on DVD with some extra nasty sex acts.

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve seen one puppet shitting on another puppet as part of a sex act.

Now, suck my cock!

I’m actually quite proud of CHCH TV for showing this in its entirety. I mean the politics is racy enough, but the language and sex acts were extremely explicit.

This is not a specialty cable channel; it’s an over-the-air TV station in Hamilton, picked up by my satellite provider. I think I might send them a congratulatory email.