Team logo was so bad, they changed the team name

From Warriors to Gulls. A new hockey team that starts up this fall.

That was a pretty generically bad logo but Gulls is a shitty hockey team name.

They’re from Altoona, PA which is a couple hundred miles from Lake Erie, plus Cleveland already hosts the AHL Lake Erie Monsters, so I think they should reset the WHOLE damn thing. I think they should go with something like the Altoona Hoggers and get a logo of a cool hog wearing an engineers cap or something. Hell, I’d buy that jersey.

Altoona already has one cool-name team, the minor-league baseball Altoona Curve. Albeit their logo is a bit unsettling too…

How about the Altoona Alto Tuners?

What’s unsettling about the Curve using a railworker as their logo? I mean, given that they’re named after a section of track, and all.

I frequently drive by the Lake Erie Crushers stadium (minor league baseball). What is it with the North Coast and aggressive names? Trying to make up for decades of “The Great Swamp Erie”?


He looks pretty demoniacal. He looks like he’s as high on cocaine as the Grateful Dead’s Casey Jones. I certainly wouldn’t want to see that guy at the throttle as we come into a curve. :eek:

Well, yeah, sports mascots are supposed to be intimidating. There’s a reason that Eagles and Lions and Warriors are a lot more popular than Mice and Sparrows and Accountants.

They should have gone with one of the warriors from the film…

Not always: the New Orleans Pelicans gave their mascot a makeover because their original mascot was scaring the kids.

Im re-reading this.

Theres a team in Altoona, PA named the Lake Erie Gulls???:confused::confused::confused:

Seems that they thought of that and are now the Eagles.

Wow, that logo is horrible as well. I get that it’s supposed to be a hockey playing eagle-man, but the wing/arms don’t at all look like they’re holding the stick, the stick is at a weird angle for the arms and the head looks just pasted on top. In fact, the head, arms/wings and legs all look like parts of different images that someone just overlaid.

I miss the Omaha Omahogs of the old Western Association.

“Hogger” is slang for a locomotive engineer, so that would tie Altoona’s local industry to the team. Plus, “hogger” is just such an awesome, strong word; it’s fun to say and can sound menacing with that “grrrrr” at the end.

Or they could play it for laughs maybe and be the Altoona Fish.

Pirates and Warriors and Vikings are supposed to be intimidating. Engineers aren’t. When you take a prosaic occupation like a train engineer and make him look psychotic, it’s unsettling.

What logo would you use for a team named “The Father Rapers”?

Surely they should be the Altoona Fish Sandwiches.

IT’s okay for hockey logos to be hideous because there’s a long tradition of hideous, overworked hockey logos.

I don’t understand, though, why minor league ballteams have so many hideous logos. A baseball logo should be simple and elegant. Few colors should be used. Letters or simple designs; something that fits well on a cap.

I will give Altoona credit though; they once honored Mister Rogers by wearing Mister Rogers uniforms:

The new crest looks like the logo is ready to be surgically removed.