Teas Hold'em with a dealer's shoe, yes or no?

The other night we played Hold’em with a three deck shoe. The only thing that seemed to change about the game was better hands were easier to come by. With three decks it seemed that two pair was worthless and the bottom of the barrel was trips. At one point in a three hour game one of us (me) landed a straight flush that was shifted one card from being royal (9,T,J,Q,K-clubs)!

I thought I saw dealer’s shoes used in tournament play, but could find no confirmation of this online. So what are your thoughts?



And of course, this isn’t a new game. Teas should be Texas.

I’ve never seen or heard of a shoe being used in tournament play. I’ve never seen or heard of more than one deck being used at a time in any game of Texas hold 'em. Personally I wouldn’t play multi-deck poker.

That sounds ridiculous if you’re interested in serious poker. If you like games like no-peaky or stupid wild card games like baseball, this will fit right in.