Teaser trailer for "Batman Begins".


I am amazed that there is not thread for this yet.


OK, the window this played in on my screen was really teeny tiny, but… damn.

I am sooooo there, dude.

When’s this thing hit the theaters?

Summer 2005.

Looks better than Catwoman, though I realize that’s damning with faint praise. :smiley:

Not sure about the costume, though (see photos on the WB page).

As I said before… Christian Bale. Christian fuckin’ Bale. Perfect choice for Batman.

No pictures of Ken Watanabe as Ra’s Al Ghul? Dangit.


I’ve got high hopes for this.

Yep - I agree. Christian Bale seems like a great choice.

What I like about the trailer is this: what it is trying to do and how it goes about doing it are both good. It is trying to show Bruce/Batman as a complex, tormented man with a past and a dark side - very true to the comic book persona of the Batman that has evolved from the 30’s through Frank Miller’s depiction. I also think the trailer shows pretty good film-making.

Both good signs.

MMMmm. I liked most of the visuals but got really annoyed by the angsty voiceover. “Show, not tell.”

I’d have preferred some quick edits of Bruce in training after finding the Tibetan monastery.

The shot of young Bruce falling down into the hole to the Batcave is a VERY nice homage to DKR. Was I imagining things, or did that brief shot look almost exactly storyboarded from the comic?

Hmmm Rubber suit short ears. When can they have the guts to put him back in tights so that when he fights he won’t be so damned stiff looking.

I also get a shiver when they have two or more villians in one film. It always makes me wonder about the writing quality. Generally speaking a good Batman story requires only one good threat. Only once and a while do you do a team up or massive Villain mob (Like Knights end). So far out of the 5 post West Batman films only one had just one villain.

What is with the offroad Batmobile? I always pictured it as a more urban based vehical, sleek and fast. You know a modified Viper or something like that.

Other than that it does look promising in the look, We’ll have a better idea come next summer.

Anyone who wants to see a clear, fully-lit photo of Bale in Bat-garb can click here. After reading the bitching of many fans on some other less esteemed sites (coughAICNcough), I was prepared for the worst. But you know what? I like the new suit. They kept all the good parts of the Keaton version and got rid of the bad ones. I always liked the all-black look – blue & gray tights just wouldn’t work outside of the comics. The body armor makes sense and looks good, and this time they’ve dispensed with the silly-looking plastic chest muscles (not to mention the Bat-nipples!).

Best of all, Batman can actually turn his head! That was the one thing about the Keaton suit that annoyed the heck out of me. Why the hell would Batman design an outfit so awkward he could barely move in it??? This new one seems flexible enough that you can actually imagine him kicking butt without looking as stiff as an action figure of himself.

Yep, I like it. And the teaser looks pretty cool, too. Not much to it, but that’s why they call it a teaser, after all.

Hmm… I thought that was in Batman: Year One, but maybe my brain is just making the connection because of Batman Begins sounds a lot like the start of the story.

Either way it does look a lot like whatever comic its from. I am sure it has been done that was as an homage to the original material.

Winston Bongo. Thanks for the link. I can tell you now, I’m right in the middle on the costume thing. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. I’d have to see it in movement, especially the cape. and a profile of the the cowl to make up my mind.

The blue and grey tights look worked for me in Sandy Collora’s Batman: Dead End. I’m one of a number of diehard purists in that respect.

I’m also firmly in the camp that says Batman wouldn’t wear a rubber suit. This one is a damn sight better than the previous “batsuit” but, really, a cloth bodysuit, leather boots and gloves and a neoprene cowl would work just fine and be realistic. I do like that the belt seems to have functional pouches on it instead of decorative cyllinders. I’ve only seen stills from the “Dead End” fan movie, but it looked excellent - I wish the studios would go that route. There’s no reason Batman shoud wear clothing that squeaks.

That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to this movie - an intelligent treatment of this character has been sorely lacking on the big screen for a long time now - I was not real impressed with Tim Burton’s movies, or (shudder) the offal that Joel Shumacher turned out afterward.

It was in DKR. I believe he falls down a rabbit hole which turns out to be the opening to a much larger cave. It’s an old well shaft in the trailer, but the concept is the same.

That is an origin element that has existed since the 1940s. Miller did not invent it.

Mockingbird, you should know this is coming. Cite?

I’m wracking my brain here, and the idea that a young Bruce Wayne discovered the Batcave prior to his parents death was something I thought sure Miller came up with for DKR, and I’ve seen loads of Batman origin reprints, and DON’T remember that before.

I do think, whoever invented that aspect of the source material-- Finger in the 40s or Miller in the 80s - the movie trailer is probably following the DKR rendition.

Color me cautiously optimistic, perhaps they will get the character right this time. Apart from the visual design of Tim Burton, the recent series of films were worthless. Joel Schumacher should be sold to a vivisectionist.

The costume looks OK, though I don’t understand why they persist in showing the eyes through the cowl. I’m sure the white-out of the eye holes was done by the comic artists out of convenience rather than artistic choice, but it looks better that way.

I’m halfway between Askia and Kilt-Wearin’ Man on the bat-costume – I’d prefere to see a costume that didn’t scream “molded rubber,” but I’m not sure it’d be possible to make one out of fabric or leather that’s true to the character’s look.

The current costume isn’t as annoying as some of the others we’ve been (ahem) graced with before, though the molded bat-logo on the chest is a bit much. What’s wrong with the traditional logo-in-an-oval design?

In recent comics the white-out eyes have been shown to be lenses.

Well, for one thing, it’s not traditional. The original bat logo was a black bat on a grey background. The yellow oval, IIRC, came about in the 1960’s. In the last book of TDKR, Frank Miller reverted to the black-on-grey design, and Batman artists have been using it ever since.

BTW, I’m not crazy about the new costume, but I don’t hate it, either. I think that to go with the spandex look, a casting director would have to find an actor who was pumped to Schwartzenegger dimensions, and I hope I spelled Ahnuld’s last name right 'cause I’m too lazy to look it up, in order for it to be a doable look.

Adam West looked a bit on the pudgy side in the costume from the series, as did George Reeves in the Superman series. I don’t know how buff West was, but he did have a sleek, trim build, and I believe that Reeves pumped iron. Of course, Christopher Reeve looked good in the Superman costume, so, maybe stretchy fabric technology has evolved to the point that an actor who was in good physical condition might look good in the cape and tights type costume.