Technical question: defective inkjet cartridges

A few days ago the two lights–one for the power button and the other for the paper-feed button–on my Lexmark Z-22, started blinking in an odd rhythm when I switched the printer on. Of course, the printer wouldn’t print. I wound up calling Lexmark’s technical-support number; the technician “walked me through” a procedure which eventually singled out the black-ink cartridge–bought only a few days before–as the culprit. I printed a text file, two pages, with only the color cartridge. I returned the defective cartridge to the store, for another one.
Is this kind of defect, the tail-that-wags-the-dog, common among inkjet printers?

Lexmark printer cartridges contain an electronic circuit that prevents them from being reused by refilling - it seems likely that something went wrong with the circuit on your black cartridge, even though it may not have been empty.

Now how would the printer know that I had refilled it instead of just pulling it out and replacing it?

The cartridge keeps track of how much ink has been used as you print stuff. There is no way to reset the count back to “full” when you refill an empty one.

I’ve been re-filling Lexmark and H-P cartrtidges regularly for about 5 years----haven’t had a bummer yet.

When I don’t refill myself I buy remanufactured units from a west coast supplier--------never had a problem.

Look elsewhere for your problem!

That’s a neat trick, Ezstrete. How do you do that successfully? My printer won’t accept refilled cartridges (I bought a refill kit at Fry’s and followed the instructions).

No trick at all with the lexmark carts-------

Bore a little hole in the top[large enough to accept the fill needle],insert the filler needle ,with fill bottle attached, until you feel the bottom,retract 1/4 to 1/2 inch and slowly feed in the ink.

The H-P’s are little more tricky-------you have to use the evacuator to exhaust the air before you fill.

In our little family group of 5 computers it’s a huge savings.

Some ink outfits will refill for you at about at about i/2 half the cost of new carts.

They have a mail in and return system that,as I said,is about1/2 the price------mail costs included!

hijack-i tried refilling my hp and the accursed ink just came pouring out of the bottom. was this due to the air, or was it crummy ink?-end hijack

I tried to refill my Xerox XJ6C cartridges with Pelican - ink must be too thin - it dribbled out. Even the OEM stuff is sucked up somewhere as I can’t ever meet their “60” page capacity. I did notice the head-cleaner area is caked up with splattered ink.
Good bye Xerox.