Technology doesn't work that way - SamuelA's Pit Thread

It has been noted on occasion that SamuelA has something of an obsession with technology, particularly nanotechnology. He has an interest in cryonics. He also gets belligerent if anyone questions him on the validity of any of his optimistic claims. See, things don’t always work the way that SamuelA thinks they do.

Here’s an example of Sammy-boy wandering into la-la land because he got questioned by another poster:

He also can’t stop shitting all over another thread. Solution: he gets his very own shiny thread.

Welcome to your Pit thread SamuelA.

He won’t be here, he’s looking for the ignore function.

Yes, but that’s actual technology.

HIGH technology, I tells ya. Not anybody can handle that so fast.

From what I’ve observed, he’ll posit something, fail to back it up and then go to extraordinary lengths to avoid using the phrase, ‘I was wrong.’ Maybe I’m biased, but his calling **Tripler **pretentious shows a lack of understanding to a great degree.
And the classist remark about Home Depot employees - that’s some straight up bullshit I’d expect from someone not secure in their own field.

The most clearly ignorant poster I have interacted with in a very long time. I don’t like to shit on people, but the brief interactions I have had with this poster have lead me to no other conclusion.

Other than obvious trolls (I don’t believe this poster is a troll), the last time I can remember a poster like him was someone who kept insisting that bicycle helmets actually made one less safe and kept backing it up by providing links to scientific studies and bicycle advocacy groups that clearly stated that helmets should always be worn. He was convinced, however, despite what his own cites were saying about the safety of helmets, that it was all big conspiracy by bicycle helmet manufacturers to make money.

And I’m one of the dumbest people to ever post with any regularity on these boards so that’s saying something.

So that it doesn’t get overlooked among all of SamuelA’s technology ideas, I will point out his first post in the OTRS thread, which includes

Yes, I forgot that bit. He’s stupid and racist. What a charming package.

What the fucking what? Racism is the icing on this shitcake.

Which brings up a point–whenever he is talking about Artificial Intelligence, does he really mean Artificial White Intelligence?

[sarcasm]Black AI would be…a step forward, but not the real thing, don’t you think?[/s]

The kid’s still in college. Hell, he might even be a precocious high schooler, though I doubt that.

Yeah, he’s got some really bad social skillz. And self-reported weight, body image, and food addiction problems. If he can learn to learn from the various grown-ups he might grow up to be worthwhile. If not; not.

We shall see. I honestly can’t say whether I handicap this one optimistic or pessimistic. Yoda had some sage comment about “too close to call”. Damn if I can remember what it was, but that’s how I feel today on the topic. “Confused I am; uncertain the future is. Whether Jedi’s food or Jedi SamuelA will one day be cannot say I.”

He should check out Scientology. I hear they can audit that shit right out of you for about 200 grand.

Wait… So he knows that nanotechnology is basically just biology, and he still thinks that it’s that magical? Dude, I hate to break it to you, but we already have biology, and have had it for billions of years, and it hasn’t brought the marvels you describe yet. Maybe it will, eventually, but I don’t want to wait billions more years to see it, if you get what I mean.

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

One of my favorite Yoda quotes.

When they come up with genuine A.I., they absolutely have to allow us to interface with it while it uses the voices of people such as Samuel Jackson:

How did these motherfucking worms get in this motherfucking mainframe!

Or Immortal Technique, if you want less comedy and more a rap version of Noam Chomsky.

I always admire people for trying not to judge people too quickly and also take in the context of a whole person, but SamuelA is very aggressive in his behavior and very quick to hurl all sorts of insults and cast disparaging remarks at other people.

I’m actually getting very tired of people labeling everything as bad social skills with the implication that the problem is that someone is just awkward and doesn’t pick up on social nuances. Those people deserve sympathy and understanding, aggressive assholes ready to tear into other people do not. And I don’t really care about what other issues he has, most people have issues - people with more abusive personality types just use these various things to try to get a pass for their behavior.

Thank you. I’ve written it down.

I think the master AI ought to have Mr. T’s voice:

That’ll give the first (and last) Human / AI war the appropriate kind of narration.

Agree. I’m not trying to give the kid (much of) a pass.

What I meant at the end was *If *he learns, and learns quickly, he’ll be OK to have around. If he can’t or won’t, he’ll be gone, and good riddance to the behavior. No skin off my nose either way.

And I agree that for the rest of us, there’s no practical difference between can’t or won’t. Individually and collectively we’re under no obligation to tolerate the handicapped just because they’re handicapped. And we’re definitely not obligated to tolerate jerks just because they enjoy acting like jerks.

As this thread amply demonstrates, he’s on probation (at best) with a lot of the community members who matter. That’s not a stable place for him to sit. Ask not for whom the clock is counting down; it counts down for SamuelA.

I just found this post by SamuelA in the Omnibus troll thread: Plus another below that.

These are not the acts of somebody intending to have a long career here. The clock ticks louder.

IF anyone, anywhere, ever says LSLGuy is not a gentleman and a scholar, I will personally email them a picture of BigT with that Yoda quote printed on it.