Technology Superstitions...

I restore old (tube style) vintage radios as one of my hobbies.

there is a radio station that broadcasts old radio shows from the 30’s. 40’s 50’s late at night. After I have finished restoring a radio, I always wait until that feature is being broadcast and tune them into that station (630 ched) so as not to “shock” them with modern radio.
To me, last time they functioned, The “Andrews Sisters” might have had a hit with “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”, but have to 'wake up" to Bloodhound Gang’s “Hell Yes, Heavens No”…

Dumb, but something I do…

Do you have any tech superstitions you do/believe in?


Don’t have any superstitions, really, but I do have a WWII-era US Navy shortwave radio I wouldn’t mind getting rid of, if you’re interested (it weighs a “mere” 70 lbs).

A true boat anchor!

I was taught to say “Eeek!:eek:” before formatting a hard drive.

When you think you’ve finished fixing a seriously screwed computer, or when connecting new components, always say “Life! Life! Give my creation, life!” before powering up.

If I’m fixing a computer, I won’t screw the case on until after I test it. If I do, it won’t work and I’ll have to take it apart again. If I don’t, it’ll work fine and I’ll have to walk back across the lab to put the case on.

Based on my experience that’s not a superstition, that’s a fact! Like Mr. Murphy and his various laws.

I just happen to have a tube type radio in need of restoration. PM me if you’re interested.


Superstition, no way - it’s a fact that computers and other devices can smell fear - so I’m careful not to look nervous as I approach.

I’ve also found that files download more reliably when I watch the process, as boring as that can be.

I have passport photos of me in my toolkit to stick in the cases of computers that only work when I am around.

I was really glad when motherboard manufacturers started sticking LEDs on system boards - I used to have to fit a small light bulb running off the BIOS battery so the CPU could see the photo on startup… :wink:

I am also pretty good at SCSI


Chicken bones are good juju, and help prevent “double-darks.” Do not let anyone remove the chicken bones from the RPCP. No matter that ORSE or NMTT is coming aboard or not.

Sometimes, Murphy demands a sacrifice. There’s no visible reason things aren’t working, and until Murphy is given some other technological device, it won’t start working. I suggest toasters, myself. (Sacrificed with a sledgehammer - sure it’s messy, but do you think cutting the throat of that black goat was all that clean?)

Machines do have a sense of self-preservation, and listen to threats. Cooking grade blow torches make great motivational devices. Simply mentioning the one in the garage has fixed more than one “software” glitch in my parents’ computer.