Ted "Bridge To Nowhere" Stevens' Latest Boondoggle

New broadband taxes may be on the horizon, if an influential senator and his like-minded colleagues get their way:

What toy is this joker going to want the taxpayers to buy next? A daily ferry to the North Pole? A yellow brick road for the Iditarod? A bridge to a completely uninhabited island?

Well, the main purpose of a senator is to parasitically weasel trough-slop for his/her state at the expense of the 49 others, if I may mix metaphors with abandon. I don’t find Stevens’ actions in this case particularly unusual, especially considering the many economic disadvantages of his state, but I’ve no doubt his plan calls for oodles of Federal money so some rich-guy constituent of his can overcharge ridiculous amounts for tech infrastructure that works no better than a bunch of $50 mini-dishes.