Ted Bundy's Child?

Let me preface this briefly by saying I am a lurker of at least 7 years and absolutely stand in awe of the intelligence and scope of knowledge of the people who frequent this board.

Now that the obligatory sucking up has been accomplished -

It’s my understanding that Ted Bundy fathered a child during jailhouse visits from Carol Boone, the woman he managed to marry during either one of his trials or appeals. Does anyone know the whereabouts of either Carol or the child?

As a true-crime fan, I’ve always wondered about this and was curious if anyone had any information.

Well, according to this site . . .

Thanks for the reply, Alias. That’s pretty much the last I had heard about her, too - she’s fallen off the radar. I wonder if that isn’t for the best - how do you tell your child that TB was her father?

You don’t read this part again: “After their strange marriage Boone even became pregnant with Bundy’s child, so she claimed, despite a lack of conjugal visits between the two.” Unless you believe Ted Bundy was God, he didn’t have any children with Boone.