Ted Knight

How did actor Ted Knight die? He played the shallow, arrogant newscaster, Ted Baxter, on the Mary Tyler Moore show. I seem to remember that he died shortly after the series ended and that the cause of his death was not given in much detail. Since he wasn’t that old, I’ve always wondered if there was something unnatural involved.

If he did die, it wasn’t after MTM because he played a cartoonist who lived in a big house in SF with his family in “Too Close for Comfort” during the early/mid 80’s

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Ted Knight died in 1986 of cancer.
The Mary Tyler Moore show ended in 1977.


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Ted Knight died many years after The Mary Tyler Moore show ended. He had his own series where he played a cartoonist for many years after MTM. I don’t think he’s been dead for more than 5 years. MTM ended around 20 years ago. Sorry. I don’t have any details about Knight’s death.

He died of cancer in 1986, age 63. There was nothing mysterious about it, and it was 9 years after MTM went off the air in 1977. After MTM, he had another successful show, “Too Close for Comfort.” He was the arrogant Judge Smales in “National Lampoon’s Caddyshack”, and will always be remembered as the voice of the narrator on the Saturday morning cartoon, “Super Friends.”

Ted Knight, who was the Golden-Age Starman, is alive and well, as can be seen in the current Starman comic book, the title character of which is his son and (several times removed) successor.

Oh, you mean the other Ted Knight? oops, sorry…

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– Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective