Ted Rall

Look at the cartoon that was published on 9/16, and then the one on 9/11.

Security, both national and personal, was already an issue before Tuesday morning, but the government was still hammering out its new policies, and citizens were divided on what they wanted, and uncertain of what they would get.

Now we have the challenge of upgrading security, or rather, the challenge of deciding what we need and getting it in place, ASAP. There will be little time for debate, so I hope whoever makes these decisions does so wisely.

[sub]Security on the planes. Security on the planes. Don’t leave it up to the cabin crew.[/sub]

P.S. I don’t know why it says “carto on”. I retyped it three times: f*** it.

Can’t see the cartoon, sorry. Has someone mucked about with the page?

Sorry. I got a red box too, but the “Get Image” funcion works.

Try going directly to his website, rall.com