Teeming millions? Unca Cece's shadow?

Any survey or scientific calculations done to arrive at this magic number, or is it more of a McDonald’s approach to basic arithmetic?

Second part is purely academic unless the interested party manifests himself “in the flesh”: You think Unca is lurking in these parts of the woods or even maybe posting under a (second) nom de plume?

You cought me. I’m Cecil.

… I’M Spartacus!!

There indeed was a post on this board from Cecil Adams. It’s near the beginning of the history of this board and answers a technical question.
IIRC the question he answered didn’t seem to attract much attention. And most of the few posts after the C.A. entry simply acknowledged the master.

Cecil had promised that he would visit this site from time to time, and he has done so. The man is brilliant, but a technophobe, and it’s an effort to get him on the computer at all. Ed Zotti keeps saying, try it, you’ll like it, but to little avail.

Let’s face it, a contributing factor: Cecil gets paid for answering the tough questions, he’s not real interested in thinking (or writing) for free.

The term “teeming millions” is a metaphor, a clever turn of phrase. At the moment, this message board has an impressive teeming 1500 or thereabouts.

CKDextHavn wrote:

Deep down, CK, I didn’t actually think that the Straight Dope did some serious bean-counting. My question was more an attempt at levity than anything else :wink: Thanks for the info.

In the epilogue of “Triumph of the Straight Dope” there is an interview with Ed Z. where the interviewer asked Ed if he’s the real C.A.
Ed replies goes something like “Don’t I wish,” but as a burgeoning cynic I got to thinking.
Is there any evidence or hints that may have appeared in any straight dope columns that lend credibility to this alleged Superman/Clark Kent scenario?

Falcon, 'tis rumored that:

  • Cecil has two eyes, nose in the middle, mouth underneath. Amazingly, Ed’s facial arrangment is very similar.
  • Both Cecil and Ed are male.
  • Cecil writes in American English. Ed edits Cecil’s work in American English.
  • Cecil refers to Mrs. Adams, his wife. Ed refers to Mrs. Zotti, his wife.

I dunno, you skeptics, what does it take?

Maybe “teeming millions” refers to uncle Cece’s I.Q. points?

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I think Ed’s Cecil. For one thing, I doubt the claim that “Cecil Adams” has never been photographed. Even if you don’t have a car (which Cecil admits owning), you get your photo taken every time you get money from the ATM. That had me thinking that “Cecil Adams” is a pseudonym for somebody else.

Another clue that points to Ed is the fact that Cecil never appears on his radio show. Why? Maybe because Ed Zotti is also on the show and the two can’t appear in the same place? We all know that Ed Zotti was not “Cecil”'s first editor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t Cecil. It might just mean he decided to edit his own column under his own name. Zotti has written a book for kids called “Know It All” which not only gives a kids-friendly version of the Straight Dope, but also explains how to research unusual questions–something “Cecil” has to do every day.

One more thing, when I read the introduction to Triumph of the Straight Dope, I thought I recognized the style and assumed it was Cecil writing–until I came to the end and saw the name “Ed Zotti.”

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I believe that uncle Cece is real-but I’m having trouble believing anyone is named “Ed Zotti”!

Is Ed Zotti left-handed?

Did everyone forget His newspaper columns? And books?
Must be “Teeming Several Thousands”, at least.
Infidels. :slight_smile:

Work like you don’t need the money…
Love like you’ve never been hurt…
Dance like nobody’s watching! Source???

Come now, “teeming millions” refers to all the people who are not as enlightened or as well informed as Mr. Adams. No need to count - there are millions of you…er, us.

Didn’t know that :smiley:

Uncle Cecil also posted a message in the mailbag section a while ago, when the debate on the Ark of the Covenant got a bit heated:

If Cecil is a real person, why is there no picture of him on any of his books?

I think it’s a little thing called anonymity, handy :smiley:

Did anyone else ever see the Straight Dope TV show? That’s what first introduced me to Uncle C. IIRC, the show’s intro described the man in question as a “reclusive genius,” and even said that his real name is not Cecil Adams.

It makes perfect sense to me. If I wanted to have the benefits of fame (millions of adoring fans), but not the drawbacks (stalkers), I’d probably also use a pseudonym.

I called in to a radio show in LA when Cecil was the scheduled guest, but Ed was on instead. I got to ask a question on the air, but when I was screened, I said, “C’mon, there’s no real Cecil, is there?” the moderator said, “Just go along with it.”

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