Teemings Extras

We’ve added a new section to “Teemings : The E-zine of the Straight Dope Community.” TSD has given us the okey-dokey to reprint what posts we find here that fit the mold of what we’re doing. If you see any that might be worthwhile, let us know.

Check it out at Teemings Extras

I just want to say congratulations, sandyr!! It was a great post. :slight_smile:

Just want to be sure:

Even though you have TSD’s you will still ask the poster’s permsission, right? I know I don’t want anything I post here ending up were Lycos, Excite, and google can easily find it.

Yes, we won’t reprint anything without the OP’s permission. Right now, we still have one more in mind that we’re still waiting to hear back from the author about.

You know I keep checking my email, but there’s nothing there from you guys. You better send it again.

As promised earlier, the second article has been posted.

FYI, Obfus: I land SD threads all the time using Google. Maybe you aren’t as sequestered as you thought…


I was just kidding about that email thing ::Sniff:: Really. It’s working fine.

I’ll just go back to the old word processor and work on a new Magnum Opus.

"Nobody loves me.
Everybody hates me.
Guess I’ll go eat worms.

Short ones, fat ones…"

:::blushing furiously:::

Er, uh, sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys on that. Honestly, today is the first day I’ve touched my computer in a week.

But I am deeply honored that you asked. Made my day, it did! :smiley:

Demo: currently google only pulls three instances of my screen name, none of which are directly from the SDMB. Excite doesn’t even pull those.

So, for now I am sequestered enough for my comfort.

Persephone -

That was truly beautiful. I’m all choked up.


Sandyr, that was nice. You’ve captured my feelings about the change of seasons. Variety in weather is nice!

Persephone, the story about your little guy is very touching. I hope that Grandpa can see him somehow.

When we found out that Ralf, Jr. was on the way, I started a notebook, and wrote notes to him from then up to the day he was born. I’m not sure when I’ll give it to him. Maybe when he has his own child on the way?

Thanks to both of you for sharing these.