"teen reader" book identification?

I’m trying to identify a book I read when I was in grade school. The main character was a girl named Lenore, and for some reason, she was diagnosed as ‘emotionally disturbed.’ She and a friend from school, Sammy, (I think that was his name) were kidnapped for ransom. Sammy came from a wealthy family. He also had some kind of breathing problem, if I recall. They had to hoard food, (Sammy had kidnapping training. That’s how they survived) and in the end they were rescued.

I went to Borders the other day looking through the ‘teen/young reader’ section trying to find something for my co-workers daughter, and it got me thinking about the stuff I read in those days. Since then I’ve thought of this book and can’t figure out the title or author. I don’t think it was popular, like Judy Blume popular, but I remember liking it a lot. I can’t remember how old I was when I read it, maybe 10ish, so this might have been written in the early 80’s.

Anyone have any idea what it is? It is BOTHERING me SO much. I don’t know why!