Teen Titans: the big heart monster thing

What is that big heart monster thing on the tv show? Its like a big mechanical heart that steals children. Why does it do that?

It was a random evil enemy whose only real purpose was to move the story along at one or two points. In other words: a plot device.

Unless it’s shown up in more than that one episode (where Raven gets tricked by the book guy and gets all evil and stuff), in which case maybe it does have more of a background. Idunno.

Oh, OK. It just seemed awfully specific and, well, odd that I figured it must have some sort of cool background.

What Sir Dirx said. In addition, its name is Cardiac, hence the Robin line “Cardiac, you’re under arrest.”


It seems Teen Titans is running out of cool ideas for villians if it just keeps on animating inanimate (or non-sentient) things.

Besides a heart, we have an animated and sentient cinder block.

What’s next, an animated and sentient towel called ‘towelly’? Is Stephen King writing episodes?


Frankly, I think Towelly could teach the titans a thing or two about what above-the-law teenagers, under their own supervision, could do in their free time. Might be a good thing for the show. Lighten Raven up a little bit.