Teenage chatrooms

Can anyone point me in the direction of teenage chatrooms? I am researching a young adult novel and I need some ideas on where to go.

Almost any chat room will have a “teen” section… Go to the main page of Yahoo, Altavista, or Lycos. There should be a “chat” link for at least one of them.

Virtual Places chat at Excite.com has a host of teen chat rooms. Be afraid, be very afraid of them.

I’d bet, however, that most chat rooms labeled “teen” don’t exactly have a majority of actual teen occupants.

thanks. I do have a healthy respect for the horror that can be a chatroom - that’s why I was asking if anyone knew of one that was not gonna drive me to drink very quickly. Or wasn’t filled with men pulling their puddings while dreaming Britney Spears.

The Straight Dope chat has teens in it at times…but then again, we’re not your normal teens. :^)

Honestly, teen chat rooms are the mental equivilent of having someone take an industrial vacuum cleaner to your inner ear.
After five minutes of being propositioned for cybersex, being subjected to the “f**k you” school of spelling and grammar (u r so sxxe! LOL! i seen a gr8 moviee!!!), and having to put up with uncountable name/location/gender/age checks, I swore them off for good.

I wouldn’t get your hopes up, honestly. Perhaps there is a better venue?

go to http://www.bolt.com and hang out in their message boards. The teens there show more intelligence than the ones that hang out in the hell that is a teenchat.

I’m a teen and I avoid Teen Chat’s whenever possible… heck I even avoid other chats except role play. Wjenever I go into rp though I have to skip through one of the main rooms and I always shudder in there. I was in the 30’s room and some of the names were… well inappropriate for this forum but gave me the wilies.