Teenager Driver Position-Curvature of the Spine?

If you drive behind a car (driven by a young male driver), you will notice (frequently) a strange thing…the driver’s head will usually be in the center of the vehicle front seat, while his torso is bent (he will usually be sitting behind the wheel).
I have noticed that this position is quite common among teen-age drivers…and apart from the awkwardness, this position must be extremely painful! I imagine that long-term use of this position would result in a curvature of the spine.
Anyone noticed the same phenomenon? Why do they do it?:confused:

Gangsta Lean. Learn it. Live it.


Don’t be playa-hatin on tha Gangsta Lean.

Why do teenagers do anything? It’s a style popularized by rap lyrics and videos.

Maybe it is a nervous habit for newer drivers?

I used to lean forward quite a bit when I first started driving. I guess I thought it helped me see things better (especially when turning corners or parking).