Teenagers are stupid - or - My dumbass son drove through flood water

I was on the phone with him, telling him to park his Firebird on high ground until the flood waters receded. He kept saying, “I’m ok—almost there now. I’m not stupid, Mom!”

Yeah, right. He drove through a deep spot in front of the driveway to his friend’s apartment. The car died, and would not start again.

To make a long story short, it could be worse. It doesn’t have full coverage insurance, but it’s not totalled. A new starter and plugs. Plus towing charges. (Plus new brakes, but that wasn’t due to the flood.)

Why are (some) teenagers such know-it-alls??? Of course Mom wouldn’t know anything about floods, she’s only lived in Houston ALL her life!!!

AAAGGGHHH!!! Ok, I feel a little better now.

He’s lucfky to be fuckin’ alive.

In Tennessee, we get a dozen or so morons who try to drive through flood waters, get stuck, & either drown when they try to wade out, or drown when their whole freaking car washes away!.

So go kiss your son.

Hug him.

There are mothers in this state, right now, that are preparing closed-casket funerals for their kids. Two days in the water will kinda preclude a viewing, ya know.

But, but…the water was only chest deep on the ducks!

You have a point. But still

And you get to say smugly, “I was right, wasn’t I?”:cool:

But nothing!!

What I said was and is true.

Besides, it might just as well have been a fender-bender.

Cars break. One way or the other. And you had just better plan on having X number of repairs. Period.

You would think this day and age people would be smart enough to not live next to tempermental rivers. :shrug:

You’re gonna make the kid pay for the damage, right?

Oh, hell yes. I’m down with that.

Want him to be less stupid in the future? That’ll help.

No, Bosda has the point.

Cars can be repaired, even replaced. Sons cannot.

Like what happened in Kansas a couple of months ago.

you know, when I first read the OP, my thought was about the same as Bosda’s - hell be happy he’s alive, 'cause that’s pretty damn stupid and can easily end up tragically.

I do, however, also understand the mom POV of “damn, don’t we wish they’d learn something the easy way!”

So, I’ll sum up w/ “grateful his stupidity didn’t kill him”, and yea, please please learn something the easy way.

dont forget to have the various joints and crap lubed, had to reb=place a rearend on a car once when it got flooded parked in a low spot.

Ah, you don’t have to be a teenager to do that. Four years or so ago my sister (then aged 24) tried to do that in a Jeep, got stuck in flood waters, and eventually had to be rescued by the police.

She did receive a suitable punishment though…a picture of her rescue appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, to her everlasting embarrassment.

Delores, I feel ya…and agree with wring

As for freido (stopping to double check her mental map of Houston, as she’s only lived here for 30 years and has apparently missed it), what tempermental river?

Teenagers, meh-try grown men determined to get home during a flash flood.

My husband who does know better was hell bent on getting home last fall despite the fact that we live in the country and many of our roads were under water because of torrential rains.
When I finally managed to get him on his C-phone, our conversation went something like this:
Me: “If you can’t get down 696, just head back to that new Holiday Inn in Elgin and I’ll see you tomorrow honey.”
Him: “No wait, there’s a pick up going to run the low water crossing in front of me-can’t talk anymore-if he doesn’t get swept away, I’m going across…”

45 minutes later, when he finally walked in the door, I was so worried that I didn’t know whether to smack him upside the head for being an idiot, pour him a big dollup of the good cognac, or smother him in wet sloppy kisses.
I did all three I think and then I informed him that if he ever dies as a result of drowning because he was stupid enough to run a low water crossing-I’m collecting the insurance and divorcing a dead man because I don’t want to be know as the widow of a dumb ass.

** Dolores Reborn**-I’m really glad that your son is ok.

Damn sucky grammatical skills!

I meant my mental map, pardon.

I know he was lucky. The flood was due to rain and poor drainage. My point is that I was on the phone with him and telling him to pull over, and he ignored me. So now I have to pay to fix his freaking car, I took a day off from work to help him get it to the shop, and took him to work so he wouldn’t lose his job of two weeks.

He will be paying me back, but he barely makes any money. So far, anyway. He is a newbie waiter, and trying to learn. I have to have him working, so I have to help him out right now. He wants to move out and get his own place, as well as go to school, and that will be a good thing. He is learning that it’s not as easy as it looks!

I love my son a lot, I was just pointing out that sometimes teenagers can be dumb. Not just about floods, either! He’s on probation, and still smokes weed. He has made many poor decisions in the last year, quitting high school was one of them.

He seems to be trying to turn his life around, but only in so far as to what it will get him. He doesn’t seem to care about my feelings. Like last night, I was all set to pick him up after work, around 10 pm. At 10:15 I call him, and he says his friends picked him up 15 minutes ago. Thanks for calling and telling me! Typical teenager 'tude, you know?

Just venting…

A teenager starts out with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience. You hope that he fills the experience bag before he empties the bag of luck.
You also might want to explain to him that he should always learn from the mistakes of others, he will never live long enogh to make them all himself.

Give him a hug, and then smack him upside the head. :smiley:

Hit him