Teenagers trick or treating

I was just reading the thread in IMHO on how to prank teenagers asking for candy. I was also remembering my cosplay thread a awhile back, and decided to share this sweet Halloween story.

My 14 year old son, who is in 9th grade, is on the Autism Spectrum, with all the delays of communication and social skills that the diagnosis entails. He is a HUGE video game fan, and is also an artist who specializes in TG/TF drawings (this subject itself could fill a whole 'nother thread).

A few months ago he asked me if I could get him a Princess Rosalina dress. The best thing I could find for him was getting a cosplay costume hand made for about $250, so we gradually talked him out of that idea. But I did find that we could get a mass produced Princess Peach outfit, and use it as a Halloween costume. He said he was “too old to trick or treat”, but agreed to the purchase because he could dress up and pretend to be transforming. And when it got delivered, he loved wearing it around the house with a wig under the crown :slight_smile:

So here comes the sweet part. On the 27th, he declared that he was too shy to wear the costume outside for Halloween. He was adamant that it would be too embarrassing. His sister, who is 16 and a junior in high school, came right to me and asked me to help find her a Mario costume in time, so that she could trick or treat with him. She would walk the neighborhood, in another TG/TF costume, with her brother in a show of support and solidarity, instead of messing around with her high school friends. We found one on ebay and got it overnighted.

Not one household commented that they were “too old” to trick or treat. Not one person asked the gender of the Princess, or the Plumber. They returned with pillowcases full of loot. Happy Halloween indeed!

I have no problem giving any person who shows up costumed/festively dressed candy on Halloween. At least one piece. It is an act of love, to take the little ones out on Halloween, and whoever does so should also get a treat if they’d like. For those who are bigger, but still of a mind to trick or treat, I’ll give them candy too. How many grown ups love to dress up and go to Halloween parties still? If you don’t want to ask for candy too, don’t! But don’t spoil it for those who do. Either give, or don’t. :slight_smile:

That’s a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing your story. What a blessing your kids must be. I’m all in a happy mood now.

Cool! That’s sweet, and I’m glad they had a good time. :slight_smile:
I have no problem with teenagers trick or treating, for the record. It’s the ones running around without costumes. If you’re going to continue to trick or treat, wear a fucking costume. (Hell, I’ve seen adults wear costumes when they take their kids around)

I laughed my ass off at a group of teenaged girls that were trick or treating in my neighborhood when I had my sons out doing the same.

These girls, four of them, had a car and a strategy. They would use the car to drop off advance candy scouts circle back around, deploy more sugar seekers and then run to the car to pick up the others, drive up a block or two, then do the same. They were so serious about it that it was hilarious, pooling their resources and efforts like they were to maximize their candy gathering potential.

That’s just a really nice story. Sorry, it’s a bit dusty in here. /wipes tear

The older sister - man, that’s some love. Good on her for showing solidarity with her brother. I’m glad they both got mad candy. :smiley: