TeenNick, Disney XD, and Similar Programming: How Tame?

DISCLAIMER THE FIRST: I have no kids, and thus no reason or desire to watch kid- and teen-oriented TV shows.

DISCLAIMER THE SECOND: I’m not asking because I’m sitting on some Recreational Outrage that I need to get out. I’m asking simply out of curiosity.

Anyway, just how “tame” (for lack of a better choice of words) is kid- and teen-oriented programming such as Suite Life of Zack and Cody, iCarly, etc.? Do they ever mention poop, or boobs, or farts, or periods, or sneaking a first kiss, or anything like that? Or is it all totally G-rated from top to bottom?


Depends. iCarly has some of those types of jokes. The older brother character mentioned how much he hated having to go to the store for Carly “that one time.” Or when he tried to have the “talk” with her. Stuff there, but subtle. I doubt most young kids would get it.

Victorious, on the other hand, I think is horribly inappropriate for young children. Older teens, maybe. They did “The Breakfast Bunch” (their take on the Breakfast Club) where two characters were shamed for “being vegans.” And when they finally ate tacos that everyone craved, all the characters acted goofy, lackadaisical, etc. :dubious:

iCarly’s Getting Crap Past The Radar page at TVTropes is so long it has been split into subpages. It has its moments.