Teens can be legally dumped at Nebraska Hospitals

Is your teenager not cleaning up his room? Sassing his mama? Not doing well in school? Well now Nebraska has a solution. Drive them to the nearest hospital and they become someone elses problem.


If she’s a teen pregnant mom, she can be both dumper and dumpee.

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There is a Great Debates thread on the same subject.

What about 9-year-olds? Can you dump your disruptive 9-year-old, especially when they keep crickets in their pockets for you to find, shrieking, while doing laundry?

::calculates cost of gas to Nebraska::

The governor has called for changes to the law.
I guess they weren’t expecting quite so many non-infants to be abandoned. Oops!

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Back to the OP, as a threat, it beats a visit from the bogeyman to get a young’un moving. “If you don’t bring the car back full of gas, you’re next trip will be to the hospital.” Hmm, that could have several meanings.

Have there actually been any non-infants abandoned under this law?

Yes- just the other day a man took nine of his kids to a Nebraska hospital and handed them over, among others. http://www.ketv.com/cnn-news/17553170/detail.html

You need the rest of the story on that man:

Clearly he needs help.

Oh, I wasn’t making any judgement on him- surely there’s some huge issues to be dealt with. Just saying that yes, this has been happening, this case being probably the most extreme.

I have no problem with this. Most parents have no business raising children anyway, especially ones who would abandon them like this. It’s a shame the damage has already been done to the children by allowing their parents to spawn haphazardly – but it’s a start.

It’s way better than the kids living neglected. I knew this case would end up on the board. I read about a hospital that installed one of those door deals like at banks that people could put a baby in outside, and the staff would open up the inside door to receive the kid. Their intent is no baby left somewhere to die, because the mom wants nobody to see her. I see with a search it’s a world wide trend to have baby drop boxes or baby drop cradles at hospitals.

The kind of parent who would dump his/her child is the kind who would do something worse if this mechanism was not in place.

Damn straight. And seriously, why* shouldn’*t there be a mechanism in place so that parents that really, really aren’t able to look after their kids can make that decision without having to get to the point where the family environment is actively dangerous to the kids first?

Well, I’ll make a judgement on the guy. These kids lost their mom, and now their dad is abandoning him too. Fuck him.

What she/he said.

I don’t see any loving, responsible, able parent abandoning their child, however attractive the prospect might seem at times. Some people have no business raising children.

And make the motherfucker pay fucking child support.

To be clear I think mechanisms should be in place to help kids, but for fuck sake to have nine kids then pawn them off on the state. Buy some fucking condoms for christ sake. This idiot needs a license to drive a car but nobody blinks when he fathers nine kids?