Telemarketers now bypassing TeleZapper

Of course we all knew it was a matter of time. Now they’ve come out with a new system that won’t be fooled by the TeleZapper (fyi. The TeleZapper works by making the bleep-bloop-bleep sound you hear when calling an invalid number). Read the article at:

So the telemarketers will disregard the wishes of the millions of people who bought a $40 device so that Snoooopy can tell them the benefits of donating to the world wildlife fund or something else just as great.

And this is just the third post on the subject, all in the pit, in less than 8 hours…


It’s because of the device, that’s what’s doing it. Prior to this device being invented, there were no triple threads on the subject. Think about it!

If I used smileys there’d be one here.

So, how long do you guys think it’ll be before the fourth shows up?

Woo-hoo! Can I count this as an official Pitting! I feel honored.

Since last I bore the slings and arrows of people who resent me and my ilk, I have picked up a SECOND telefundraising job. As if I weren’t bothering enough people, right? Heh. Anyway, my new job, where I’m calling on behalf of the San Francisco ballet, is a VERY low-tech operation. No auto-dialer, no computer, just people picking up the phone and pressing buttons. Every now and then, I’ll hear an answering machine that opens up with those classic three tones. It amuses me to think that their investment in technology is powerless in the face of our humble operation.

Sno…opy - can’t wait to see how you do against that other low tech solution coming your way - the federal do-not-call list.

DarrenS, non-profits are exempt from that list.


Snoo… whatever, I did try, honest, I have a question.

If Dante had had a telephone, where in the Inferno would he have put you and others like you?

According to The Onion, telemarketers belong in the new 10th circle of Hell – the Corpadverticus Circle of Total Bastards – which is located between the former eighth and ninth circles.

Wow. I’m used to reading news and finding that the Onion had anticipated it, but now I’m making cool hip insider Onion references without even realizing it.

I wonder what it’s like outside these days. Do they still have that “sun” thing up?

Can I predict 'em or what?

“We only market to those who want our services!”

“Let’s circumvent a device that, by its very existance says that they don’t want our service!”

Hell’s too good for 'em.

I have high hopes for the federal do not call list. We have had a statewide do not call list for over a year. I’ve had only two calls! Before telemarketers can legally call in our state, they have to buy the do not call list and abide by it.

The only exception that I am aware of is for organizations that you have previously made donations to.

The last call was really funny. When I told the person who called that what she was doing was illegal in our state, she said that that was not fair – we were just trying to make money by suing telemarketers in court. I laughed in her face…er…ear…and didn’t bother to tell her that the state gets the money for violations – not the customer.

Yo, Snooooopy. Here’s why I resent you and your ilk:

[ul][li]If y’all want to advertise in a newspaper, you purchase the advertising space.[/li][li]If y’all want to advertise on the radio or television, you purchase the advertising time.[/li][li]If y’all are cheap pieces of offal not to be considered even remotely close to honest human beings and thus want to advertise for free, you call people on the telephone number the people are paying for with no cost for advertising to you.[/ul][/li]
In short, y’all are spammers.

I feel the TeleZapper never really lived up to the promise of its name - I want a device that can zap telemarketers. Non-lethal would do, I suppose.

Gary: During the ten seconds I actually considered buying the telezapper, I read their website’s info & discovered that it could also block calls from folks you did want to call you.

How ya doin’ Snoooopy? I just wandered in to another thread that inadvertantly mentioned the glut of telemarketing one’s in the pit at the moment, and I thought of you mate. I had a brilliant day…scored my charity a five-hundred buck donation and I’m feeling fine…so do you reckon we are all doomed to the eighth circle of damnation or what?


You see, this is what happens when you make devices too complicated. There’s no need for anything as complicated as faking the tones of a disconnected number - all I want is a big red button that cunningly throws Tazer style voltage down the phone line.

“Good evening sir, i’ve called to tell you about our fantast”**kerZUPP **

Is that so much to ask for?

I will take two.

Where do I send the cash?

Why do people act like it’s so hard to deal with telemarketers?

Do. Not. Answer.