Tell about your most recent thought

I was just thinking how logical it would be for Chinese restaurants to hire people with American accents to answer the phone. Isn’t it annoying when you call you order takeout and you have to struggle to understand what the person is saying on the other end?

Haha! I found this thread at the PERFECT time!

“Straight Dope? More like Straight Crack…”

“I wonder if I should go out for dinner tonight, now that I finally have some money?”

“What was my most recent thought?”

Why can’t i get her out of my mind?
sings song

I wondered if there might be a thread about what was in people’s sinks, cause then I could say theres a toaster in mine.

There’s not enough Super Villains in the world today. I mean, Osama Bin Laden is despicable and all, but he’d be a thousand times more effective if he wore a lime-green spandex outfit with question marks all over it.

man, that rob guy from NY NY , sheesh i wish i never met him. what a nightmare. espesially in a small town such as this. what an overbearing asshole. always calling & asking for a ride or something, and when you dont return calls he gets angry. then when drive by and see him on the street he yells at you.

Heineken, por favor.

I wonder what this thread’s about…
followed by
I wonder when I’m going to get around to doing my Contemporary Issues paper for tomorrow…

Thought #1 occured while staring up at the night sky.

You know, if some aliens came and captured me then took me to their home world where they made me there pet and treated me real nice, why that just be OK.

Thought #2 occured after talking to a guy in the Navy

You know, no one appreciates live nude girls quite like a Navyboy, especially on the last day of shore leave.

Well okay I have to remember tomorrow I need to call the movers again to ask them about handling electronic equipment and some packing questions oh yeah I should get my digital camera’s USB cable and label it before I forget what it’s for okay and then I should call the apartment again and ask about the payment I’ll need to call them before 3pm here stupid time difference oh tomorrow movie oh yeah it looks silly but I’ll go gotta remember to pick up the gift certificate for mommy and daddy at that place it should be no problem since I’ll pass there anyway hmmm I wonder if I should get that coat black yeah black as usual light stone might get stained besides black’s cool hope it’s warm enough for 40-degree weather holy god it’s warm in here I think I’m getting a cold.

I’ve been like this for three weeks now.

Thought #3 an old thought but it’s been coming around again lately.

You know, mazes are pretty boring. But if you color in all the dead-ends it takes a long time and you’ll have a nice white line from beginning to end.

Where are my pants?

Why is there a ‘void if scratched’ section on scratchy lottery tickets? Are they trying to tempt us?

“Damn, no cheap online booking hotels available in Oxford for next Thursday. Maybe I’ll stay in Reading overnight and get the train in the morning”

Despite being mean and leeky, I LIKE my potato soup.