Tell me about Animal Research/Lab animal medicine

I don’t now if there are anyone involved in this field on this message board. I am in my 3rd year as a Vet student.
How do people get into this field? Is a PhD required? Do I need more education to go into this field?
What about the board exams, is there a different test you must take in order to go into this field?
Any other info?

My son is a freshman Pre-Veterinary student, and my first response would be, “Ask your dean.” He’s had deans and associate deans and TAs practically elbowing each other aside in order to give him career advice and direction.

Not only will these people know where the action is in your field of interest, and specifically how to get involved, but also they’ll be able to give you leads on summer jobs, etc.

Well if you just want to get into Animal Research in general you most certainly do not need to be a vet. At the medium-sized biotech company I work at we have a dozen or so people in our animal group and AFAIK only one of them is a DVM. Most of them have Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in some aspect of Biology or Physiology.

Ask your dean, he or she probably knows more… or even yet, the head lab animal medicine veterinarian at your school.

From what I’ve gathered, you may not need a residency to work in some places, but it would open doors (as well as make you more marketable, and give you more chances for promotion… depends on what you want).

You do not need an internship to get to the residency, and the residency is about 3 years. I think PhD. are required/strongly recommended if you want to work in academia.

I know the one in LSU School of Veterinary Medicine requires you to do an MS in Pathology alongside the residency in lab animal medicine.