Tell me about Atlanta, please (restaurants/destinations)

Hello all,

I am SUPER-PUMPED right now because I just bought a ticket to see my favorite recording artist of all time, TOM WAITS, in Atlanta on August 1st. Apparently he hasn’t played tour dates in the South since the '70s, and he’s reclusive and isn’t getting any younger, so I never thought I’d actually have a chance to see him live. Even though I live seven hours away in Orlando, Florida, I would never forgive myself for missing this.

So I have a will call ticket that will be ready for me, and now I want to find out more about Atlanta. The show will be at the Tabernacle, which is apparently a huge, beautiful venue that used to be a church. It is located at 152 Luckie Street in Atlanta. What kind of area is this? Slick, regentrified downtown, or more of a scary fringe area, or something else entirely? Is it close to anything? What are some good nearby places to eat, and affordable nearby hotels? (I’ll be missing work on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and figure I’ll need to crash in a room after the concert before driving home.) Any must-see destinations in Atlanta? Is this close at all to the World of Coca-Cola, which I’ve heard is pretty fun? What else do I need to know as I venture into the A-T-L?

I’ve only been to Atlanta once, about ten years ago, but the one thing I remember clearly is the Coca Cola Museum. Definitely try to get down there – it really is a cool place.

I do have good impressions of Atlanta, but my trip was so quick and I was relatively young so I can’t remember too much more. Have a good time!

Do not expect public transportation.

It exists, but Atlanta is a city that drives.

“Regentrified downtown” is as good a description as any of where the Tabernacle is. It’s across from Centennial Olympic Park, and a short walk from the Georgia Dome/Philips Arena/CNN Center MARTA station. (MARTA is the rapid rail system).

It’s also a short walk from the new Georgia Aquarium, which is definitely a must-see. The largest aquarium in the world. The CNN Studio tour is a worthwhile diversion, too. The World of Coca-Cola is about a fifteen minute walk from CNN Center, near the Five Points MARTA station.

If you don’t want to pay downtown hotel rates, there are affordable hotels around the airport. You could park free at the College Park MARTA Station, take the train into town, and hang in the area of the Tabernacle until showtime. There’s a McCormick and Schmick’s seafood restaurant at CNN center, and a Ruth’s Chris steakhouse at Centennial Olympic Park if you want to splurge on dinner, there’s also a food court in CNN Center.

Enjoy yourself! The Tabernacle is a great place to see a show!

Atlantan popping in - get your aquarium tickets and time reservation NOW. Yes, you have to reserve a time to get in.

Sorry, I don’t have other recommendations for you. I actually live on the outskirts of town and have everything I need nearby.

Well, maybe I have some recommendations. I love the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Also, in Candler Park I love a restaurant called the Flying Biscuit Cafe. And if you need a piercing while in town, walk across the street from the Flying Biscuit to Piercing Experience. Pricey, but CLEAN and well worth it.

Check out this website for links and more!

If you like Thai food, go to the Thai restaurant on River Road across the street from the River Road apartment complex. I haven’t the foggiest clue what the name of the place is, but to this day it’s the best Thai food I’ve ever had at any restaurant in any city in any state in the US. I recommend the yellow curry and a Thai iced tea, but really–anything is great. Back when we were flying across the country to see each other, I was a regular visitor to Mr. Armadillo’s River Road apartment and he’d have take-out yellow curry waiting for me when picking me up from the apartment.

Also, the Imperial Fez, a Moroccan restaurant, is pricey but worth it for the experience and the belly dancers, and the food is incredible.

As far as the Coke museum, I thought it was thoroughly meh. Worth doing once, but not something I’d make a particular effort to do if I only had one night or a weekend in Atlanta. The best part about it was the tasting room at the end, where you could sample all the Coke products sold in various countries around the world.

Tourist 1: “AAHHHHRgghhhhhhhh… this German Coke is gawdawful! Here, you’ve got to try this!” <waves a sample cup of VileFluid[sup]TM[/sup]>
Tourist 2: <sip> “HURK UUHHHGHHGHGHHGHHGHGGGHHHHHH… here, try this!”
Tourist 3: <sip> “BLECH”

Repeat indefinitely :slight_smile: