Tell me about Dancing in World of Warcraft

Because of internet issues, I can’t currently play online games. But I was at a LAN cafe the other day and was watching a guy play World of Warcraft.

Something humorous I noticed in the game was the ability to dance. Depending on the race/gender of your character, they would do a different dance. The ones I saw-

Male- Disco dancing
Female- Macarena (ugh)

Male- Russian cossak dancing (HEY! HEY!)
Female- ???

Night Elves
Male- Dances like Michael Jackson
Female- Belly dance? :confused:

The guy playing also claimed that if you get a male and female gnome together and each have them do their dances, it looks like they are humping each other :eek: Does anybody know what the other races (Tauren, Trolls, Undead, Orcs) do?


I’m not sure what kind of reliable information you’re likely to get about World of Warcraft at the moment. Isn’t it still in beta-testing?

People who know the answers may well be constrained by some kind of confidentiality or non-disclosure contract.

The NDA was lifted when the game when beta, and it’s all fair game.

But I haven’t played it in a few months, and I didn’t do any dancing when I did, so I’m no help to the OP.

I think this might satisfy your curiosity.

Dwarves Don’t Dance

Gotta love those headbanging undead.

The internet is truly the greatest of all mankind’s inventions.

Well, this isn’t World of Warcraft, but Johnny Bravo’s link put me in mind of this:

Dance, Voldo, Dance!

Tauren male- Peanut Butter Jelly Time dance (the dancing banana dude)
Tauren female- Riverdance

Troll male and female- some sort of breakdance thing, I think

Orc male- MC Hammer
Orc female- some type of Rumpshaker thing…orc women got back!

Bugger, hit reply too soon…

Undead males headbang, undead females dance like goth chicks.

I don’t recall dwarf females having their own dance yet, but I could be mistaken, been playing Horde side, taking a break from my Human Alliance Warlock.

The night elf female dance is kind of like a stripper dance, I guess you could say.

Two of the funniest dance videos from WoW I’ve seen are:

This one’s all Horde dancing, to “Can’t Touch This”, complete with a rapping Orc at the end.

This one’s my favorite. It includes pretty much all of the racial dances, set to the tune of “Move It”