Tell me about getting my first tattoo

Hi all, I’m thinking of getting my first tattoo. Want to get an iceberg on my forearm. I’ve contacted one place and gave them an idea of an image that I liked. First visit is for the design ($50), and then make another appointment for the tattoo. $150-$170 total

Is this what you have had to do? Looking to have some color in it. For you, did they come up with a close resemblance to what the final tattoo looked like??

Thanks for your replies.
Here’s my image idea.

All depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo. For something small and simple like initials or kanji or the like in just black, if they’ve got a free chair most shops will just do it right then and there. Something like what you’re planning, the two-step process sounds like SOP.

Since the OP is looking for personal experiences, let’s move this to IMHO.

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It all depends on size and intricacy. I have all smaller tattoos, some of which were done as a walk-in, some of which I designed ahead of time. I only did one where the artist had to do some design work ahead of time. In that case, I brought in a picture when I made the appointment. The didn’t charge me at that time any sort of consultation or drawing fee. When I came in for the appointment, they had the picture ready, I liked it, and we went ahead. I paid for everything at that point, and the grand total came to something comparable to what you mentioned.

If you’re getting something more intricate, more specific, or larger, then you probably need to have a consultation ahead of time, and it’s totally within their rights to charge you for said consultation. If you’re getting something big or intricate, it is probably worth it to have the consultation first so that they have time to make changes if you don’t like it.

Most people I know with tats got their first one while drunk out with a large group of friends, and got one of the pics off the wall.

I personally don’t have one, even after several attempts of coercion by friends while out drinking.

I would suggest leaving out the iStock logo.

Don’t do it. Tattoos look like suppurating skin diseases.

Are you leaving in the light blue background, or just the berg/reflection part?
Here are some images of iceberg tattoos. Which one(s) are close to what you have in mind?

That seems like a lame idea for a tattoo, why is that what you want?

Unnecessary. The OP was asking for opinions on their tattoo choice and questions about the process. There is no need to respond like this, especially in such an obviously provocative manner.

No warning issued.

Shouldn’t that iceberg really be floating on its side? Unless it has some huge rock enclosed, which acts as ballast.

Some of those are really gorgeous. I like the one with the red circle behind it, like the rising sun. My artist told me you absolutely had to have a dark (black preferably) outline around red areas or it will forever look irritated around the edge. YMMV.
Is there any chance you could draw your own design? I designed my own tattoo. In fact, the only tattoo I would ever consider is something I designed myself, because I want my skin art to be original.
The price quoted sounds quite cheap. I would expect to pay closer to $500 for a nice iceberg design with color. You do want color, don’t you? Colors, detail, and size all determine the final price, along with how much designing/drawing the artist has to do pre-ink.
My artist executed a fairly accurate rendering of my design, but there’s always going to be some difference in expression, and some tats are easier than others to render. I designed mine, then brought the artist a black and white outline that he could copy & paste right onto my skin, and a color version to guide his color choice.

That’s what icebergs look like. You know, “tip of the iceberg” and all that?

Actually, I believe that phrase was coined by sailors, to emphasize the danger of approaching a floating iceberg. As it is pictured, that danger would be practically zero. Rotate it by 90°, and it becomes much more apparent!

nonetheless, it appears that’s not the way they float.

Cut an ice cube to shape and try it!

Y’all know we’re talking about a tattoo, right?

As I expected. I bet most of those tattoo owners hear “What’s that?” a lot.

If someone asks “What’s that?” You reply “It’s a stylized iceberg.” Or if you’re feeling snarky, you say “It’s art. You wouldn’t understand.”
Truth is the only person who has to like the tattoo (or even know what it is) is the person whose skin it adorns.

Czarcasm, I’d be leaving out the blue background. Just the iceberg.

pool, I wasn’t going to answer you for your “lame idea” comment. Who gives a shite what you think is a good/bad idea for a tattoo.

But my reasoning is this…Each of us has our own inner demons or problems that we’re going through. Thus, there’s more underneath the surface than most realize.