Tell me about ghosts.

Apparently you’ve never seen Ghostbusters.

You mean when he isn’t writing about pedophilia?

“Everytime a child says ‘I don’t believe in ghosts,’ there’s a a little ghost somewhere that falls down dead.”

Because in interesting / old places people are already scared, and so more likely to attribute any creak or groan to a ghost.

you can tell it’s a real ghost because of the creepy music. also, it make me say “sheet”

When I was a teenager I lived in a house that was built on what used to be farmland, the farmhouse was still there, at the entrance to the new modern housing estate. This was in the days when people knew who their neighbours were and all that. I knew that the house was occupied by a middle-aged couple and their 20something daughter.

One afternoon while walking passed the house I saw someone in the kitchen and waved. As I continued to walk passed the house it dawned on me that there were no cars outside the house (it was in the crook of an L on the road, so you got a 360 view of the house as you walked passed it). So there was no one home.

Not only was there no one home, I’m pretty sure none of the occupants were a tall, thin man who wears a frock coat.

Plenty of people have dismissed what I saw, but I’m not the only person who says they saw a similarly dressed tall, thin man in the house when passing. The daughter’s former boyfriend admitted that one night when he was in the house he turned around to see what he called a “Victorian doctor” standing in the doorway.