Tell me about guavas

I just bought a guava from a guy selling produce at a little roadside stand in the Bronx. I’ve never had anything but the juice - what does the fruit look/smell/feel like when it’s ripe? How should I eat it? Can I eat the seeds?

New fruit! Yay!

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From memory I think it would be very difficult not to eat the seeds.

When fully ripe, you eat the whole thing – just don’t try to chew up the seeds, just swallow them along.

For red-fleshed guavas, ripening usually shows with the skin turning yellowish. White-fleshed guavas, OTOH, stay green-colored and just have the skin turn soft and lose its bitterness.

Guavas make great jelly.

I just bought one of these for the first time for the heck of it. It has green skin and is completely white and hard inside. The texture is almost like jicama.

Does this mean I have to let it sit and ripen? or this just what it is?

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What the … are you trying to say?

If you chew on the guava seeds, they tend to break into sharp little pieces. You can chew the flesh without chewing hard on the seeds and then just swallow them along with the fruit. It’s like how you can tread lightly on pieces of watermelon that have seeds. You can chew the fruit without crushing the seeds.

Ripe fruits have a pungent, sweet smell. If you can smell it as soon as you pick it up and the aroma makes you hungry, there you go.

Even thick skinned white varieties will be soft-ish when ripe. Think firm, but yielding. It should be more squeezing a ripe orange than an apple.

Trivia: Once at Big Lots (hugely fun discount store that sells discontinued and various oddball items, including groceries), I found guava Pop Tarts. I bought them, and they were great.

There is even a video of how to eat them.

They’re not donuts.

I actually hate the soft ripe ones. I like them crunchy, and the flavor is a little different too. We used to eat them off the tree in India.

I’ve been eating guavas my entire life. As a child I loved to climb guava trees and eat them 'till my stomach ached. There are many varieties - some are small, some get quite large - some are white inside, some are light pink, some darker pink - some have small seeds, some have not so small seeds. You can eat EVERYTHING. Just be careful with the ones that have larger, hard seeds - you might brake a tooth.

About ripening: Depending on the variety, they are ripe when they turn yellow and/or soften slightly. WARNING: If they get too ripe, open with your hands before eating as they often have small white WORMS!!!

In my country we eat it regularly and we rarely eat the seeds. We also prefer them semi ripe. More vitamin c.

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