Tell me about Henry Rifles?

I am relatively new to guns and I have been looking at replica ‘old west’ rifles that would also be suitable for hunting. I ran across Henrys Rifles and was wondering about their general quality and value versus Winchester, for example.

Any feedback, anecdotal or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never heard anyone bad mouth them at gun shows, and I do admire their looks.

That may be “damning with faint praise,” but I’m not much for longer-distance shooting (near-sighted), so I’m not up on my rifles.

Good-looking, high quality, American made. Don’t overlook the Marlin lever action, too. I own a Marlin 336 in 30-30 cal., like half the hunters in Missouri, and am pleased with its performance. I wouldn’t mind one in a .357 or .444.

I bought the .22 with the octagon barrel last summer. I love it- maybe not the best rifle ever made, but they’re very nice. The walnut stock is highly figured, quality wood. The lever action is perfect.

I’ve never heard anything less than high praise of the company itself. Problems are sorted out immediately, and the owner will personally answer email.

There’s Henry Rifles and there’s Henry Rifles. If you are talking about the rifles made by Henry Repeating Arms, then those are not what people are generally talking about when they talk about an old fashioned Henry Rifle. They are more similar to rifles produced in the 1890s, which are a bit past the “old west” days (or at the very least are at the tail end of it). I’ve never shot one of their rifles, but they have a good reputation.

If you want something more like a Henry Model 1860, you can get a replica from A. Uberti. These aren’t exact replicas but they are pretty close.

I have two brands of black powder revolvers: Colt (2nd & 3rd gen.), and Uberti. I am very pleased with the quality of Uberti, and if I ever get a Henry rifle it will be an Uberti.

Incidentally, Henry Repeating Rifles is the current maker of the Armalite/Charter Arms AR-7 survival rifle. I have one, but haven’t gotten round to firing it yet. I understand that the Henry product is better than the Charter Arms.

Thanks everyone. I will check them out the next time I am near authorized reseller.

I have an AR-7, a Mini-Bolt (for the kids), Golden Boy .22, and the new 30.30.

They are nice pieces, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about customer service shouild you ever need it.

The modern Henry rifles function well enough, but they aren’t in the same class as Marlin rifles. Marlin lever actions are made with traditional wood and steel construction. They cost more than Henry products, but they are something you will hand down to your grandkids. Henry rifles make extensive use of zamak castings. The “receiver” on a Henry lever action .22 is, in fact, a sheet metal cover over cast zamak working parts. Chances are that long-term durability is not there.

Henry’s are pretty, but they’re much more for looking pretty on your wall than for actual shooting. If you want a lever action, but a Marlin or a Winchester, particularly if you’re going to use it for hunting or for anything other than plinking a hundred rounds a year or so.

Take this for what it’s worth, but if you plan to use this thing for hunting you might find the traditional .30/30 to be underpowered. You might want to look at something that takes a modern high velocity cartridge. There is a reason that the old time buffalo hunters used a .50 Sharps and the frontier Army went with a .45/70 or .45/90. There is a big difference in stopping power and range.