Tell Me About High-Dollar Divorce Settlements

I’m writing a fictional story in which a man gets divorced from his wife as his gambling problem takes control of him.

In my story, the couple is pretty rich. They live in beachfront home worth something in the neighborhood of $3.1 million, and have close to ten million in liquid assets. There are no kids, but she is pregnant with their first when she files.

Basically what I’m interested in is what kind of child support the guy would be expected to pay in this kind of situation. I don’t need a specific dollar amount - just a ballpark figure.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

Edited to add: How would the lawyers make out in all of this? Do they work for straight dollar amounts, or do they get some kind of comission in high-dollar divorce cases?

Unfortunately, I don’t get that kind of clientele. :smiley:

Your answer will vary on the state the couple lives in, but if you just want a ballpark estimate, you can go with 20% of the obligor’s monthly income, or choose your couple’s state and use an online child support calculator.The lawyers might bill around $350 to $850 an hour.

If you want more insight on high dollar child support payemnts, just for fun Google “Sean Combs” and “child support.”

That’s what happened in my case - there was a formula applied and the number got spit out.

The numbers are nuts. For example, I pay the first $1,903.20 of my kid’s medical expenses every year - then it’s split 59-41. Why it’s not the first 1,900 and then 60-40 is beyond me.


She’d be a fool to “fly”.
She should lock herself in that home, get the locks changed, put his clothes out on the front porch, and tell him to get himself to an apartment. A court is quite likely to let her stay in the home, and tell the husband to move elsewhere. That’s even more effective if she waits until she has the kid.