Tell me about Lanai, Hawaii

My wife and I are thinking about going back to Hawaii this fall. We’ve been to all of the major islands already and want to go somewhere different. That leaves Molokai and Lanai. I’m partial to Lanai because it sounds laid back and you can do some serious four wheeling and exploring… but what would it really be like? I like beachcombing, snorkeling and hate crowds. Are there places to eat? Should we stay at one of the two hotels or at a B&B? Any advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

I’ve been there. I live in Hawaii and my wife and I got away for a weekend for an anniversary. It’s quite lovely. We stayed at the Manele Bay hotel. That one is like one of those superposh tropical resorts that only celebrities go to. There’s the Lodge at Koele. I believe they're owned by the same company. That one is like one of those superposh mountain resorts that only celebrities go to. Hotel Lanai is a total dump. Then there’s one more that I can’t remember the name of, but we ate dinner there. Good food. We didn’t rent a car. The main hotels have shuttles that go to Lanai City, airport, and between the the hotels. The food situation is a little different. The big hotels are expensive to eat at. They offer a deal where you prepay for your meals then you can eat 3 squares a day at their hotel restaurants. Lanai City has some cafes that serve great breakfast. The golf courses are fantastic. It’s very peaceful. You can rent vehicles and cruise around the island. Next time I think we’ll rent a vehicle and go to the north shore and camp. There’s no one there. I don’t have any info on B&Bs. We got a kamaaina special and still ended paying about $1000 for the weekend Let me know if you'd like info on Molokai.

I’ve been to Lana’i once, and that’s the only bit of Hawaii that I’ve ever seen. I stayed at Manele Bay as well, but we ended up going to The Lodge for drinks one night. I had a blast, and I’m someone who hates warm weather and islands. It’s a very very quiet island, not too many tourists about, and the perfect place if you want to get away from the world for awhile, be somewhere peaceful and beautiful, yet still have creature comforts. The food at Manele Bay was excellent. Their breakfasts were among the best I’ve ever had, with the lobster eggs benedict being perhaps the perfect breakfast food.

Like I said, I’m not one for islands, resorts, and the such, but if I needed to go someplace far away where I could relax and not be bothered by the usual tourist BS, Lana’i would be high on my list. It’s not as pretty or scenic as the other islands, from what I’ve seen in pictures, but it makes up for it in its serenity.

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