Tell me about Mexican law enforcement fingerprinting techniques/locations

To make a VERY long story short (and for confidentiality reasons), I have a client in Jalisco, Mexico, who we need to have fingerprinted so we can get his FBI rap sheet and know for sure that we have his whole record. We have tried 3 times at 3 different places so far, and each time, when we forward the fingerprint card to the FBI, they say it is unreadable, and so they can’t run a rap sheet.

The places he has gone so far are all various law enforcement offices where fingerprinting is done routinely, but part of the problem, he says, is that in Mexico the norm even for law enforcement purposes is just to take thumbprints, not prints of all 10 fingers as would be done in the U.S., so they aren’t familiar with proper technique to roll all 10 prints.

Is this true? Any ideas for places in Mexico that could do fingerprinting according to U.S. standards?

US Consulate ASC / Applicant Service Center.

Tried that. Unfortunately they won’t reply to emails or calls, because this isn’t on the list of standard reasons to be printed there.