Tell me about Montreal

It appears that likely that a young lady of my acquaintance* and I will be going to I will be going to Montreal for my birthday (I’m in Toronto).

It is my understanding that Montreal is a wonderful, cultural city, filled with beautiful buildings, rich with history, friendly people, wonderful food, and a fascinating blend of culture both Canadian and French and as a result is the sort of place that any sensible tourist would want to go to. We are doing it for the party. We’re doing it to get the hell out of Toronto the Good for a day and hit clubs we haven’t been to before.

Any recommendations for the area in which to stay, or the things to do? If it helps, assume that my traveling companion (see footnote one) is the sort of person who makes one think that depositing bail money before an evening out is a good idea. I’m looking less for the doubtless beautiful museums and more for the intense electro house DJ famous only in the seedier but packed bars and clubs in Montreal.

Any pointers?
*I’ve been divorced for two years. Yes, I’m telling everyone

You need to stay in the Gay Village.

I was there last August with a girl fried and stayed at a little B&B just of St. Catherines. Just wander up and down St. Catherines and you’ll find all the crazy discos you could possibly want. We were there for the gay pride parade which was a laugh riot.

I’ll try to find the name of the B&B if you like - it’s owned by a couple - Ephram and Yves. The place is nice, good price and super close to the action, so to speak. :slight_smile:

I’ve only been to Montreal once, but I loved it. Stayed at Hotel du Fort and pretty much walked everywhere. We went to a couple strip clubs along Rue SainteCatherine and didn’t find them as enjoyable as expected. Cover charges to get in, crowded, small stages.
We went to Xotica, a dance club. It’s pretty nice, but very small. We made friends with the owner, Raphael. Very nice guy, comped our drinks and generally showed us a good time. We went back the next night just cause of him. (the site says they play hiphop and reggae, but they played techno both nights we went. This was July 07, though)
Afterhours was Millennium - that was more fun. Bigger, lots of people but not crowded. Pricey drinks.