Tell me about Phoenix, AZ.

My friends and I are thinking about taking a road trip out west this summer. We wanted to make a stop in Phoenix, and I want to know what sort of city it is. Are there things that would be interesting to four 18-year old girls? (No, not malls, we have ENOUGH of them.) What’s the nightlife like? Any recommendations?


You coming to Phoenix?! I can’t help you out with night life and such as I’m still new here myself and don’t do the club/bar scene (underage or not). But I’d love to meet you if you do get out this way. Let me know. :smiley:

…and in other news, Arizona changes it’s state motto to “Damn, it’s hot.”

What more do you need to know? Okay, okay. I’ll tell you more.

Notable facts about Phoenix, AZ:

[li]Birthplace of Lexicon[/li][li]It’s big. It’s called the Greater Metropolitan Phoenix Area now, because Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe have all grown into one big ass city.[/li][li]Arizona State University is there. Well, actually, it’s in Tempe, but see above.[/li][li]Scottsdale Mall. Sit at the fountain located in the rotunda. Get a lemonade from Hotdog On a Stick and watch some of the hottest women on earth walk by. If you want to, you can talk to them. Trust me on this. During my 6 years in Phoenix, only about 2% of the women were stuck up, unapproachable bitches. The rest were abnormally hot but still nice, and some of them were even kind enough to sleep with me. I think it’s because there are so many hotties there, that to them, it’s just normal. Speaking of hot,[/li][li]It’s fuckin’ hot. I mean, it’s Africa hot. You can be driving around and pass a bank and you will note that the the clock says 12:13 AM, 102[sup]o[/sup]. No shit. Think of the hottest place you’ve ever been. It’s hotter.[/li][li]Hang out on 6th street in Tempe. It’s the college bar strip. You can stay for like a week and bar hop every night and still not go to every bar. There’s a ton of them, and a lot of the chics you saw at the mall will be there.[/li][li]And last but not least, be sure to drink a lot of water when you’re not drinking beer or spirits, because it’s fuckin’ hot.[/li][/ul]

People will tell you that it’s not that hot. They’re full of shit. They’re either insane or acclimated, either way. Trust me on this: It’s hot. It’s damn hot. If you absolutely must go out during the day in the summer, make sure you take a personal cooling unit with you. And if your car doesn’t have AC, you’re going to die. Just so you know.

OMG - I live in Phoenix too!!!

born and raised in Tempe - boy has it changed a lot!

It’s REALLY HOT in the summer - I’m not sure Phoenix is whre you want to be.May I suggest going north to Sedona, Prescott, Jerome, or Payson? Even south to Tucson will be a little cooler (Tombstone and Bisbe are fun to visit nearby).

methinks a Phoenix dopefest could occur…

oh and not only should you drink lots of water, but don’t wait until you’re thirsty - just drink.

I went to Phoenix a year and a half ago. Absolutely loved it. Was around Independence Day, and frankly, I loved the heat. For one main reason, no effin humidity. Least nothing compared to DC. Also went to Sedona. OMG it’s beautiful up there. Seriously considering moving there, but not sure what the tech sector is like.

I had a friend who lived out there for a few years and I used to go visit him during spring training. The only things I can really add are:

  1. Phoenix and LasVegas, more than any other cities I’ve seen, make a perfect grid when seen from the air.

  2. Phoenix is incredibly spread out. It can take a long time to get from one end of town to the other, even when traffic is light. (Part of this is because the city is built on sand, which isn’t very condusive to tall buildings.)

  3. It can be hot, but in March when I was there it was gorgeous.

It’s huge, hideous, hot and awful. I grew up in Tucson, but I lived in Phoenix for a year. Try delivering pizza during lunch rush when it’s 122 degrees outside. I dare ya.

Mauvaise and Rally, I live in the Phoenix area too. For a long time, Padeye and I were the only ones who ever got together here. We’ll have to do another Dopefest soon!

Nocturne, the best nightlife for four 18-year-old girls would be along Mill Avenue between University and 1st St. Don’t think you’ll be able to get into the bars, but there are plenty of other things to do along that stretch such as eating/hanging out at one of the restaurants there or sitting outside at the Coffee Plantation and people-watching. I also recommend the Camelback/20th St. area. Up there you have the Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood (wait, didn’t that close?), another Coffee Plantation, and several fine restaurants and shops. There’s also Arizona Center which is another place with several fine restaurants and shops. The shops there cater pretty well to the tourists. You may also want to check out old downtown Scottdale. Beside several fine restaurants and shops you’ll also find a number of art galleries.

And yes, it’s hot as a mofo in the summer. That “dry heat” crap is bullshit. Sedona may not be a bad idea. If you’re up for a Dopefest in Sedona, let us know.

And Lexicon, how often is it that four 18-year-old girls are going to want to pick up on chics? :smiley:

I grew up in Tucson but I have lived in Phoenix for five years- First- do not go to Tucson unless you want to be bored out of your mind- Sedona is a good idea if you like hiking and are into nature.
You girls should try to get Fake ID’s- even if you don’t drink because there are so many fun clubs and bars- Mill Ave. is fun as well as Scottsdale- there is a ton of bars, restaurants, and galleries in a five mile radius.
If you are here in the summer you must find someone or somewhere with a pool- it is hot!!!- but you can get a great tan really fast. Enjoy your trip- try to go to Las Vegas and San Diego- two of my favorites.

Again, I don’t know IF we’re coming or not. If we are, we have to plan a route, etc. But…we want to take a road trip and none of us have ever been out west.

Lexicon, I know about heat, sweetie. I live in Alabama, and frankly, I’m tired of 105 degree weather with 100 percent humidity. But thanks for the warning. :slight_smile:

I think fake IDs are out of the question because I know at least one of us (perhaps two) won’t be willing to go to a bar OR get a fake ID (and no, it’s not me).

Thank you all for your advice. I may end up in D.C. instead, but I want to…well…head west for a change.

ONe thought is to take advantage of summer rates and stay in some great hotel, like the Camelback in or La Posada. The pool will be gorgeous, if nothing else.

and yes, I concur, that Mill Ave is a good place as well as as old town Scottsdale.

Cave Creek is fun to visit as well. If you feel adventurous, you can also make the drive to Goldfield, a true ghost town.