Tell me about these bands/this piano sonata thing, please.

As I went to lunch today, I was distracted by a sign outside the school bookstore. The sign said, “Take an extra 50% off everything on this table!”

I felt compelled to go look, though I suspected there wouldn’t be anything I’d want to buy. I never buy anything but textbooks and school supplies from the bookstore, though I always look at their bargin tables. This was a new sign, though.

The bargin tables have never had anything but books on them before. Today there was a whole mess of CDs, none marked more than $4. I figured that for at most $2/CD, now was a perfect time to grab some new CDs by people I’ve never heard of. Of course the catch is that I’ve never heard of these people…

So, I turn to the boards. I’ll list the artist and the album name, and hopefully people can tell me about them. I thought it would be a fun experiment in what $7 could get me.

Evans Blue - “The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume”. (I’m listening to this now, and I like it. It strikes me as rock that wants to be metal, but isn’t.)

10 Years - “The Autumn Effect

Godsmack - “IV” (I’ve heard some of their stuff many years ago, but I’m not super familiar with them.)

Edgewater - “South of Sideways

Edward MacDowell - This is a 2 CD set of Piano Sonatas. I don’t quite understand album cover, because the name Edward MacDowell is by far the biggest name on the front, but lower down on the front it says “Alan Mandel, piano”.

Last, but not least, I’m really understanding some of the rants I’m seeing recently about FBI warnings against piracy. All but the piano sonatas have it on the outside of the CD somewhere, and one CD has it printed directly on the CD!

Edward MacDowell was a late 19th century American composer - not terribly well known (depending on who you ask). The reason his name is so much bigger is simply because he wrote the music on the CD. The performer, Alan Mandel, has a less prominent billing.

Thanks. I was wondering if that was what it was, but I wasn’t sure. I’m not very musically inclined. Back when I got my iPod my best friend threatened to liberate it from me, since I wasn’t worthy of it.

That’s probably why I find Evans Blue and 10 Years to sound so much alike, now that I’m listening to the second one.

I can’t help you with any of the titles you’ve mentioned (I knew who MacDowell was but I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard any of his piano sonatas). I just wanted to say that I’ve picked up a lot of great music (as well as my share of duds) by taking chances on unknown CDs (and cassettes) from the bargain bins.

Well, the good news is that I like everything I’ve picked up, so it really was $7 well spent. The bad news is that the three totally unknown bands sound very much alike, so it wasn’t quite the experience I had been looking for.

Oh, and it was actually two CDs that had the anti-piracy warning directly on them. Quite annoying, given that I bought the CDs, and my friend C thought I was crazy and if she were randomly looking for music she’d just get it off the internet…