Tell me about (US) governors' races, 2016

Well it’s about that time.

Let’s talk about governor’s races this year. I know my state has governor’s races on the same year as the presidential contests. Who else has a governor’s race this year?

Any new challengers? Anything interesting? Anyone you want to knock out, anyone you wish would run?

Apparently not in your state, wherever that may be.

OK, from other threads, I see that it’s Missouri. And, honestly, that’s interesting. I voted for Jay Nixon in 2008.

After 8 years of governance by a conservative Democrat, what are the chances of another Democrat being elected governor? Has Missouri turned completely Republican, or is there still a chance for a Democratic candidate to win the race?

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I know that there’s a revolt among black Democrats against white Democrats who take them for granted, or at least there was in 2014. I don’t know if that will affect the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

I was very disappointed in Nixon over things that shook out following the Ferguson shooting, and I had long admired him. At that point, I got hopping mad at the Democratic Party and disconnected a bit myself. (The drone assassinations were upsetting to me as well.)

The GOP dominance in the legislature was mostly gerrymandered in, but the Democrats didn’t even run for state auditor in '14, which implied to me that they’ve given up on Mo. I hope not, but maybe. And of course the presidential primary show has been sucking up the attention.

What candidates are in the Democratic primary? Is there one you support?

I’m also upset to hear that Jay Nixon was responsible for drone assassinations. Who were the victims?

Well, you’ve just started threads about races for governor, for Congress, and for state legislatures, yet you don’t really seem to care about any of them. At least, you’re not sharing your feelings in any of those threads.