Tell me about Winston-Salem, NC

I might have a business opportunity there. What’s the place like? What’s to do there? What’s the best part? The worst? How’s the food? The weather? The terrain? The schools? The business climate? Anything else you can think of?

Uh, I live about three hours from there. Seems like a nice area, though I haven’t visited it much.

Well, isn’t anything an upgrade from Johnson City?

For scenery, go to Pilot Mountain or Grandfather Mountain to the north. You can also visit “the original Mayberry” in Mount Airy, just up route 52.

There is a very good Chinese restaurant on one of the main streets- I forget the name of the street, it’ s some “creek boulevard.” The street winds through most of the town, the chinese restaurant is on the southern loop.

Bad parts of town? Near the tobacco plant along 52- anywhere east of there, those are the rough neighborhoods. South of center city is the Salem neighborhood, many colonial-style buildings.

It’s not too far to Charlotte, for a Panthers game. You are also between the mountains and the lowlands, so there are many wilderness places to explore. Go to Greensboro for the college life- there are also strip joints and massage parlors there, if you are so inclined. (Look for Michelle, an Irish girl with black hair- she was my old roommate; she works for various strip clubs.) High Point is the place to go for wholesale furniture, and for cheap textiles- I bought 25 pairs of white socks for $3.00 at one of the outlets there.

I haven’t been there since '94, so YMMV.

Winston is a great place. It’s a smallish city, so if you’re used to actual big cities it might feel like Mayberry, but it’s got enough big-city culture for my taste, anyway. Lots of decent restaurants, though you won’t find very many of the more exotic ethnic types. (Steelerphan’s chinese place is probably on Silas Creek Pkwy, or maybe Peters Creek Pkwy).

The social scene is said to be kind of boring (downtown sidewalks roll up at 6:00 kind of thing), but you can find fun stuff to do if you’re willing to look around a bit. Old Salem is fascinating, see it if you get a chance.

Don’t know much about business, but the biggest things seem to be the hospitals and the tobacco plant. We’ve also got the world headquarters for Krispy Kreme :slight_smile:

Don’t know anything about the public schools, since I grew up in Mount Airy (aka Mayberry), about 40 miles up Hwy 52, but Winston does have Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!) and a couple of other colleges.

What else would you like to know?

About how big is the area, in terms of population? Also, how affluent? Is there a diverse mix of different ethnic groups? What’s the next closest big city (Charlotte?)

I grew up in winston, through high school, so I feel pretty qualified here. Diversity? Not much-- black and white, and very divided. Not much of an asian community (my family was the only asian family around that was, uh, at all noticable when I was growing up). There is an excellent Italian restaurant called Paul’s that I think is on Stratford. Also-- check out Reynolda Gardens-- beautiful place, year-round, to go running or sightseeing. Winston-Salem also has “The Largest Mall In the Carolinas: Hanes Mall!” Hah hah. No, really. I went to Salem Academy for high school, so if you want more information on the Old Salem area, just ask.

Good luck. It’s not a bad town, but if you’re gay by any chance, don’t go there. I’m gay, and it was NOT a friendly scene. Also, it’s incredibly divided, in terms of diversity-- there is none.

Again, good luck. Keep in mind though that it IS damn pretty, and you can drive to the mountains or the beach in a day without too much hard work. For real fun, drive east an hour and a half and hit Chapel Hill.


whoops, sorry, didn’t see your last post… Answering now.

I don’t know the exact population, but Winston is definitely smaller than Greensboro and Charlotte, and bigger than Chapel Hill and, uh, Tarboro and Tobaccoville (not joking about those names).

Affluent? Well, there’s a very very large population of rich folk, living in the suburbs part of town (Stratford, Country Club Rd, West End), and then there are a set of train tracks and beyond that, a very poor section of town. Not kidding. In-between… well, if you go visit, try to live someplace like West End-- slightly more hip and liberal, and there are bars you can actually walk to, and the houses are pretty and not too overpriced-- but it’s still a “rich” area, so naturally the cops patrol and it’s safe. It’s also close to the absolutely dead downtown area.

Charlotte is probably the closest big city, but it’s a good three and a half hours on the highway from Winston. To reiterate, if you want to go out and do fun things at night, your best bet is Chapel Hill, which is smaller but very lively and college-town-y.


Found a website with an enormous amount of Winston-Salem statistics and stuff. Might be helpful.

Thanks everyone for all of the info. That last website is particularly helpful for some of the stuff I was looking for, plus the anecdotal information makes it a little more “real”.