Tell me about your microfiber towels

Your microfiber dish towels and your microfiber (or micro-blend) bath towels, that is. I just discovered the joy of microfiber dish towels via Amazon, but paid nearly $5 a towel for each, which I now realize is crazy.

So, tell me about your favorite microfiber dish towels and bath towels. I currently have a great bathsheet that’s 20% modal (beech) and 80% cotton, but I’m sure I can do better!

Is cleaning with a cleanser not allowed with microfiber? Will they disintegrate if I use anything but water? I’m currently in the “everything needs to be wiped with these babies!” phase of it all.

Hmm. I have some microfiber towels, but not as bath towels. Not sure I would like it as a bath towel, but to each his or her own… I have no idea if any of these would be appealing to you, but a while back I bought a whole bunch of different types of bath towels and gave them a test drive. I posted a blog with my impressions.

FWIW, we ended up going with Matouk Milagro, which we’re still very happy with.

sharding, you’re absolutely right, pure microfiber would be a bit “sticky” to totally towel off in; I guess I thought there would be some blend varities. What you did is a fantastic idea, and I’m going to do it with your top 3 - get a handtowel or wash cloth, since it is part personal preference part overall absorption, etc. Thanks!

I’m a travel-light fanatic, so I keep microfiber towels around. I try to travel to warm places, so I’m fine kind of blotting with a tiny towel.

I’m also a cheapskate which means I buy the ones meant for drying cars from the auto section. Usually they are half the price you’d find in the travel section.

You’re absolutely right, I too was misled by the “dish towels” on Amazon, and have since found some much cheaper alternatives in the automotive section. even sven, they must be even MORE expensive in the travel section - empty 3oz bottles for liquids are $1.50 each!

I found mine at Dollarama…