tell me about your snowblower

I’m in the market for a snowblower because I dont want to shovel snow and would like to gather opinions on the types of snowblowers you have, what do you like about them.

Some people in my household (well my dad really) is leaning towards this model.

So what do you dopers think of your snowblower. I wanted something a little cheaper, not having ever operated one, is this a good one to go with. Comments/suggestions?

Your link obviously doesn’t go where you intended.

You need to provide some details, such as how big the job is and what depth of snow it might be used for.

Honda is my favorite brand. It’s expensive but well worth the price. You get what you pay for. The Honda 621 is my fave machine. It’s better than any other single-stage snowthrower, but it won’t work for heavy wet snow more than about six inches deep.

Whatever you get, read and obey the owner’s manual- particularly in reference to preparation for off-seaon storage.